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by The Allied Democratic Nation of Zanderlock. . 102 reads.

The Tragic Death Of Communist Lop

Communist Lop, was known for a short while, but to all in The North Pacific Community who knew her like many of us did, her loss will be felt hard. While we do not miss the Hu Tao cringe, we miss the local furry and her energy that she would always bring to The North Pacific RMB. Her flags changed almost as much as her regimes, and the RMB seemed to like every second of them all. The death of a furry may not be seen as much by some, but in this case, exceptions must be made. Communist Lop was discovered playing NationStates on a school computer, and that signaled the end of her existence as a nation we have come to know as a friend. As we count down the days till she ceases to exist and leaves us for the boneyard, we remind ourselves of all the joy she brought us. Zanderlock in particular will miss her, as a good friend, business partner, and literal partner in crime. The same sentiment is felt by Aerilia. As she leaves our world for the boneyard, we ask everyone to come together in celebration of her spirit and good will towards the North Pacific Community. We ask Lop from the boneyard to know, we miss you, and Godspeed, you magnificent rabbit abomination.