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by The People's Republic of TCB Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 314 reads.

Vote AGAINST Repeal Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing

Official Voting Recommendation

Proposal Title: Repeal: “Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing
Category: Repeal
Purpose: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Our Recommendation

The Ministry hereby recommends that all WA nations vote AGAINST the current General Assembly proposal at-vote.

Rationale & Analysis
The arguments to repeal GA#417 “Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing" are insufficient. The two core arguments of the repeal are future non-liquid technologies used for fracking and/or non-WA nations violating these rules, thereby harming member states. For the former, non-liquid technologies can be regulated separately as the current regulations are very explicitly about liquid fracturing methods. For the latter argument, if we are to quibble about non-WA nations violating WA regulations and, thereby harming WA member states this body may as well not pass any regulations. For the WA does not hold jurisdiction over non-member states and these nations can and will act in ways which may be in violation WA protocols. If the proponent of the repeal wants to discuss transboundary solutions between member and non-member states, that can be a separate, standalone proposal.

As such, Ministry leadership has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST PROPOSAL TITLE and we encourage all WA member nations within the Bloc to do the same.

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Analysis By: Namwenia