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FIFANS Champions League March 2023 (First one)

Hello there and welcome to the first Champions League in TNP (possibly). There will be 26 clubs and 4 clubs in each 6 groups. The event starts on March 18th or 19th.

Group A
Yaner Tigers FC
Ibra City FC
Legia Warszawa FC
Lech Poznan FC
Group B
King’s Team FC
Roaring Lions FC
Qance Stadium FC
1 more i forgot the name
Group C
New Windies FT FC
Forkansas FC
Fort Jazz FC
Stan Getz Commemorative Association FC
Group D
The Screaming Turtles FC
The Hunric Penguins FC
KF Luftetari FC
AF Gatlanta FC
Group E
The Funian Phoenixes
The Funian Froggies

The Islamic Sultanate of Ibra