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After some deliberation, I have decided I will no longer be messaging on the Regional Message Board.

There are many reasons for this that I will and will not state.

1. NationStates has become uninteresting for me and it is leading to burnout.
2. I do not feel like I belong on the Regional Message Board, it is simply just not my type of community.
3. One of the biggest things I did and also the biggest reason why I was still on this platform, Cards, has become a chore to do.
4. I need to focus on myself more, NationStates has taken a lot of time away from me that I am losing focus on the more important real world.

What does this mean for my Nation? It will continue to exist, I will just be inactive for an unspecified amount of time, I may reappear for events or to place bids on my puppets cards but beyond that I may or may not return to an active nation.

I thank (mostly) everyone for this journey that I have spent 18 months working on, goodbye.