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The North Pacific Cup of April 2023

The North Pacific Cup will be held on 2th April 2023 held by Walikaistan. The match will be held in the capital of Walikaistan which is Floriaros-Ansoria . Please reserve your national team's seat via telegram or by RMB, reservations are open until 1st April. The Nation who will win will receive 1.2 Billion Walikaistani Ruppees, The Golden Cup( Worth 1.0 Billion Walikaistani Ruppees) and a Lamborghini( Same amount will be given as the amount of players of the winning team)

Game Rules

•There will 1 match in a day but if the reserved seats are high then this rule may vary.
• The match will consist of 4 Rounds and the helper is Spin the Wheel App.

•The final result cannot be changed.