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A man has fallen into a river in Lego City (headline by Independent Mercury)

Now I can add headlines by you guys quoting! (headline by me)

2 people died in a crash because a big vehicle called TC Twoone has hit those 2 people in Airdrie, Name 0 (headline by Name 0)

TNPV 35 started - Who will win? (headline by Lionsroar)

WARNING! FAKE NEWS!(Walikaistan Ibra and Free Karari)
Tensions in Ibra arise as Free Karari revolts and is heavily funded by Walikaistan, A police officer of Ibra was injured while trying to neutralise the revolts, the police force started firing to make them scared but they didn't know that they also have Walikaistan-made weapons, 12 officers were killed. The one who was injured also died a few hours later. Diplomatic relations between Ibra and Walikaistan are worsening day by day (headline by Walikaistan)

The Lottery Bot is broken for like 10 days (headline by me)

The police chase car accident on swimming pool (headline by Misdainana)

A man falls into a hole, and it took him forever to get him out. (headline by Kirby0508)

Local Frog gets grilled and eaten. (headline by Of The Tyrannical Frogs)

Kitten does catnip and it goes horribly wrong - 10 reasons on why you should do catnip
1. Lionsroar wants you to do it
2. Lionsroar wants you to do it
3. Lionsroar wants you to do it
4. Lionsroar wants you to do it
5. Lionsroar wants you to do it
6. Lionsroar wants you to do it
7. Lionsroar wants you to do it
8. Lionsroar wants you to do it
9. Lionsroar wants you to do it
10. Lionsroar wants you to do it

Don’t Listen to Lionsroar,say no to drugs! -For Your Health Company
(headline by Lionsroar)

Is McKenna about to strike? (headline by Hanita)

New update by a kid that believes that he is a robot cat and an OS,version 2.01
•The Game Catalog
•New Codes (not important to add but ok)
•Weather (headline by Ai cat bot 02)

Florida man marries an alligator, gets swallowed up in gator feces. (headline by Royanas

Democrats in Walikaistan have risen and are rebelling everywhere in Walikaistan to stop poverty and many Communists were injured (headline by Ibra)

Death toll of the TC Twoone reaches 4 in Haw City (headline by Name 0

1 person dead at a facility in Haw City
After 4 deaths by the TC, One Dead after getting stabbed by a sword. (headline by Name 0)

Koyen culture once again "denounced as furryism" by conservatives. Koyen have ne komment. (headline by Osmauri)

Floridian Australia Man was arrested for breaking a Countryball robot at Countryballs World,Pastaland. The country is spending millions to fix the robot. (headline by me and Floridian Australia)

All babies are born gay, new study shows.(headline by Mhaul)

Christian Spammer spams the rmb again! gone right. (headline by 0cala)

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