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Campaign for Minister of Domestic Affairs, April 2023

Het Gemenebest van Grachevia┃ The Commonwealth of Grachevia

Greetings nations of the Conch Kingdom, I am proud to announce that Grachevia will be running for Minister of Domestic Affairs in the upcoming elections.

A few months ago every World Assembly member in the Conch Kingdom received a telegram asking for endorsement with the reason "We are trying to gain influence in the Conch Kingdom to promote this remarkable region's cultural and economic unity". I'm happy to announce that thanks to you all, Grachevia has risen to be the 3rd most endorsed nation in the kingdom. Now that promise will come to fruition with the MoDA campaign.

I already have so many events planned, including sporting events, cultural events, and new economic growth within the region as well as continuing the great things that previous MoDA's have done.

These new ideas include:

  • The Conch Cup: A new football cup competition where nations will have the opportunity to enter their teams into qualifiers for a tournament akin to real-world competitions such as the Copa América and Africa Cup of Nations.

  • The Augustin Games: A multi-sport summer event coordinated with the other member regions of the Augustin Alliance where athletes representing member nations will be able to compete for medals in an event akin to the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

  • Conch Cooking Competition: A group of the region's best chefs compete by cooking their nation's national dishes to impress a panel of judges. Akin to a normal cooking show. (Thanks to Floofybit for the idea)

  • Vexillology Battle: Nations will be ranked based on their flags, the best nation wins the title of "Best Flag".

  • and so much more!

Additionally, I will resume and improve upon activities such as the Conch Times, Question of the day, and other duties and responsibilities that come with the role.

I have also participated in events such as N-Day and cannot wait to do more! Make sure to vote for Grachevia for Minister of Domestic Affairs for the best future in the Conch Kingdom!


Radenko Medved
Prime Minister