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by The Allied Democratic Nation of Zanderlock. . 54 reads.

The Tragic Tale Of Frelandog, And, Ironically, A Fall From Grace.

Frelandog, a now disgraced nation, was a devout Christian, and was loved by the RMB for the short time he was here. If he ceased to exist before today and the last we saw of him was yesterday on March 14th, 2023, he would have been remembered fondly. Sadly, it was not to be. Today, on March 15th, Frelandog woke up and chose to try and do what so many devout religious members do. That is forcing it on others. After he was suppressed, his self righteous anger and hate sent him over the edge and they started spamming disgraceful things in the RMB. The man of God doing what God never would: forcing his will on others. The tale of Frelandog is a tragic tale of devout faith being taken too far, and, leading to the same event they read in the first section of their sacred readings… they fell from grace, by sinning against the RMB. Ironic… A message of love delivered with hate.