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Partnership for Sovereignty: Vote FOR "Commend Nakarisaune"

Commend Nakarisaune

Voting Recommendation: FOR

Reasoning: The Partnership for Sovereignty is proud to recommend a vote FOR Commend Nakarisaune (Nakari). When it comes to the proposal itself, it's a fabulously written work that captures Nakari's character, history, and most importantly, affinity for puns.

A major focus of the proposal is Nakari's work in The South Pacific (TSP), where they've been a longtime contributor to the Coalition government, a member of the Partnership. Many inclusions in the proposal relate directly to our organization's principles, as Nakari advanced good governance and self-determination in the Assembly domestically, tirelessly worked to develop the SPSF (TSP's defender military) and played a major role in the response to a coup attempt in The East Pacific by Rahl subversives and affiliates.

Outside of TSP, Nakari served dutifully in The Order of the Grey Wardens, rising to the rank of Warden-Commander twice, a rank given to the most successful and loyal members of the Order. In The Rejected Realms, Nakari also served extensively in the field of regional culture and eventually as Delegate, being critical to the development of the Aegis Accords.

Given Nakari's long history of greatly enhancing the communities they frequent and protecting regional sovereignty for over half a decade, the Partnership for Sovereignty recommends a vote FOR Commend Nakarisaune.