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Voting Recommendation - Repeal: “Asbestos Consumption, Disposal And Worker Protection” - VOTE AGAINST

Official Voting Recommendation

Proposal Title: Repeal: “Asbestos Consumption, Disposal And Worker Protection”
Category: Repeal
Purpose: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Our Recommendation

The Ministry hereby recommends that all WA nations vote AGAINST the current General Assembly proposal at-vote.

Rationale & Analysis
The current regulations from the GA regarding asbestos are imperfect. However, this repeal was not promoted with the intent to create new solutions or improve upon the existing regulations. Instead, this was specifically intended to promote the widespread use of asbestos as noted in its claim that the current 5 year old GAR #435 that regulates asbestos "...will halt nearly all large-scale infrastructure construction and housing projects in many member nations."

As such, Ministry leadership has directed Kethania to vote AGAINST Repeal: “Asbestos Consumption, Disposal And Worker Protection” and we encourage all WA member nations within the Bloc to do the same.

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Analysis By: Namwenia