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Vote For SC resolution Commend Nakarisaune

Security Council Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: Commend Nakarisaune
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to commend Nakarisaune, also known as Nakari, for their region-building and military efforts. The proposal highlights their contributions to The South Pacific's (TSP) legislative system, which allowed democracy to continue in the region, the enthusiasm and innovation of their defending in the Grey Wardens, TSP, and their contributions as delegate and Minister of Culture for The Rejected Realms while praising their authorship of NationStates Issues.

The proposal is well-written and makes an excellent argument for Nakari's commendation. They have clearly made significant legislative, cultural, and military contributions to the NationStates multiverse in their respective regions, which are well presented in a compelling narrative with convincing and logical reasons to justify the commendation.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For/b] the SC proposal at vote, "Commend Nakarisaune".

This IFV Recommendation was written in collaboration with our World Assembly Legislative League partners.

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[b]Sponsored by the LinkMinistry of World Assembly Affairs of The North Pacific.