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Delegate's Briefing Ⅲ (Jan '23 Term)

Delegate's Briefing
Edition Ⅲ


Delegate's Introduction
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Howdy, fellow South Pacificans! :D

I'm bringing you the third edition of this term's Delegate's Briefing, the Delegate's bi-weekly update to the region on off-site, Regional Message Board, and World Assembly activity ‒ now on time again! This edition covers the period from February 26 to March 12.

As the first matter, you might've noticed that a Local Council election is going on ‒ until March 14, the WA members of the South Pacific have the chance to determine the two winners of the second round of the election, and the race (for second place) is close, so be sure to make your vote count! I would also like to congratulate Evinea, who won reelection to the LC in the first round already! ^‑^

Now, activity-wise, TSP was very busy last fortnight: The Ministry of Culture hosted two more rounds of the GeoGuessr tournament, with trading card prizes for winning guesses! There was also a movie night with The Rejected Realms, where we watched Free Guy together. Furthermore, the LC and MoC have just announced a jointly-organized TSP Hockey Cup, which all TSP residents are invited to join! If you'd like to be notified when any of such events occur, be sure to Linkjoin TSP's Discord server and give yourself the Games and Events role in the #welcome channel.

From the South Pacific Special Forces, our regional military, it's my pleasure to bring you an update report from the R/D battlefield during N-Day written by Soldier Eshialand, as well as Linkthe monthly Service Report from the Ministry of Defense. I'd also like to offer my congratulations to Maluhia (Lile Ulie Islands) and Osheiga for being promoted to Soldier rank! :D

The Assembly also had a decent uptick in legislative activity again. After discussing Linka bill to move to an appointment-based Cabinet at length, a vote on it is currently ongoing; likewise, the proposed Linkappointment of Pronoun (Esfalsa) as SPSF General is also being voted on right now. Furthermore, Linka bill to remove protection from fraudulent whistleblowers has been introduced, with debate ongoing. Chair of the Assembly Cryo (The Haughtherlands) also delivered the monthly LinkState of the Assembly address: one vote was held, and 3 legislators were removed from the Assembly while 10 were newly admitted. If debating and voting on regional laws sounds interesting to you, you should definitely Linksign up to become a legislator on our forums ‒ this will also give you the right to vote and run in executive elections!

The Great Council (TSP's equivalent of a constitutional convention) on the other hand was relatively quiet, slowly crawling towards conclusion. A new omnibus bill was presented as an alternative to the "KWB Omnibus", and a "clean-up" bill to remove references to the Local Council that were overlooked in older bills has recently been motioned to vote. If you'd like to take the opportunity to make your voice heard in the final days of this rare procedure (for reference, the last GC was held in 2016!), consider signing up in the LinkGC participant registrations thread!

Lastly, as usual, I warmly invite you to join the World Assembly ‒ taking your nation to the international stage is one of the first and easiest steps you can take to start your NationStates career and help increase the South Pacific's stability at the same time! Once you have done so, please endorse me, the Delegate, as well as the members of the Coral Guard; they will endorse you back quickly so it's a win-win-win situation for you, them, and the whole region! ^‑^

That concludes the introduction address of this Delegate's Briefing ‒ thank you for reading (as always, have this slice of cake as reward! ~ 🍰), check out the RMB Awards and WA Activity below, and don't forget to upvote to spread the word!

Delegate of the South Pacific

RMB Awards

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the RMB Awards!

We have three ranked categories, in each ten posters will be listed on the leaderboard. The category names should be relatively self-explanatory, but I have attached a short description to each nonetheless. The winner of the "Most Likes Per Post" category will win a free Epic trading card! Furthermore, we have one single-winner category: "Best Post". This one is decided by a jury consisting of the Delegate and the Local Council ‒ you can submit nominations to the Delegate at any time, and the jury will decide which of the nominated posts wins the award. A free Legendary card will await the person winning "Best Post", so be sure to make high quality posts that can receive this award! My thanks to the Ministry of Engagement for sponsoring this card giveaway!

For the very first time, the "Most Posts" and "Most Likes" categories are won by different nations! The former goes to 0cala, who narrowly beat TescoPepsi, the last winner; but TescoPepsi nonetheless manages to claim the top spot for "Most Likes". The "Most Likes Per Post" category returns to Saint Cinder, who received 181 likes on 68 posts for an average of 2.66 ‒ congratulations!

Finally, the "Best Post" award goes to... Canadian Goose Republic, for healthy sleeping habits! TescoPepsi is (again!) the runner-up with a tragic tale of gentlemanly failure; Dhemixia wins the bronze with a logical explanation of the sun's matter; and 0cala places fourth with a newly-discovered species of emoji. My congratulations to you all for getting nominated, and a special thank you to Dhemixia, Evinea, 0cala, and Drew Durrnil for making nominations! ^‑^

Best Post
This fortnight's best overall post, as judged by our jury.

Canadian Goose Republic wrote:Eh sleep is sleep no matter what kind.

- CD the goose before tragedy lolz


Most Posts
Ranking by number of posts made on the RMB.

Most Likes Received
Ranking by number of likes received on own RMB posts.

Most Likes Per Post
Ranking by ratio of likes received to posts made.

🥇 1





Saint Cinder


🥈 2





Concrete Slab


🥉 3

The Republic of Konsa






🏅 4



The Republic of Konsa




🏅 5







🏅 6

South United Anarchists of Earth


The Front Range




🏅 7

The Front Range


Canadian Goose Republic




🏅 8



South United Anarchists of Earth




🏅 9

Driyc Shium




Circus World


🏅 10

Federal Eagle Empire


British Bharat


Canadian Goose Republic


For next time, please send me a telegram or ping me on the RMB if you would like to make a "Best Post" nomination at any time, and be sure to include a link to the nominated post if possible!

WA Activity

Delegate's Voting Record

⦿ Feb 28 | GA: FOR "Action on Period Poverty"

⦿ Mar 01 | SC: FOR "Commend Kuramia"

⦿ Mar 04 | GA: FOR "Repeal 'Drug Decriminalization Act'"

⦿ Mar 05 | SC: FOR "On the Artworks of Defunct Nations"

⦿ Mar 08 | GA: FOR "Legal Equality Act"

⦿ Mar 09 | SC: FOR "Commend Istillian"

Government Record

Prime Minister Sporaltryus' Cabinet

Lile Ulie Islands

Concrete Slab
Concrete Slab#8764



⦿ Feb 27 | Soldier Eshialand reports from the battlefield with an update of SPSF activity during N-Day.

⦿ Mar 01 | Nominations for the March 2023 Local Council election are opened by the Election Commissioner.

⦿ Mar 02 | Chair of the Assembly Cryo Linkdelivers the State of the Assembly report for the month of February.

⦿ Mar 02 | The SPSF Service Record for February is Linkpublished by Minister of Defense Concrete Slab, with the Linkpromotion of Trainees Maluhia (Lile Ulie Islands) and Osheiga to Soldier rank attached.

⦿ Mar 09 | A roleplay Hockey tournament jointly organized by the Local Council and the Ministry of Culture is announced, open to join for any nation in TSP.

⦿ Mar 10 | Sitting Local Councilor Evinea wins reelection in the first round of the LC election.