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Realistic Roleplay Guide

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The Basics | Joining the Roleplay

    The Cold era of history that evokes many emotions. Indeed, such a period in history was the site for great strides in technology, warfare, and political evolution, but it also brought with it fear of nuclear war, conventional warfare, and the rise of new post-war ideologies. It is in this interesting period where our roleplay takes place. Take the reigns of any country and navigate your way through espionage, warfare, and politics as you either uphold the red banner of Socialism, or defend the freedoms and liberty of good ol' Capitalism....or maybe even a way free of both of these ideologies? Only YOU can decide in this dynamic and active RP!


    We are happy to have you here old sport! So you have decided to join us on this journey of political intrigue and conflicting ideologies, but you have found yourself asking 'but how do I exactly do this?'. Glad you asked! In this section, we will breakdown the essential components of RPing in our server. If you are a veteran of nation roleplaying, most of this should be common knowledge, but for the sake of accessibility, this is a guide from scratch.


    Aaaah diplomacy. Perhaps the most important aspect in such a setting, one that prides itself on realism and accuracy, is your freedom to conduct diplomacy however you wish. Our system allows everything from such grand things as creating alliances to even the minute details such as embassies and consulates. Really, the only limit here is the bounds of realism. You can engage in everything from positive diplomacy to a hostile foreign policy. Diplomacy is conducted through each player's own channel. For example, if you wish to conduct a state visit to the United States, or the Soviet Union, you would simply go to either's respective channel and write a request for the visit. Once approved, you and your fellow player can begin roleplaying said visit, including agreeing on all your weird requests such as buying 3 Boeing 707s specifically for your President.


    While it is called the "Cold" War, the Cold War actually witnessed it's fair share of conflicts across the years. For this reason, the team over at the Realism RP department have worked tirelessly to craft an engaging and innovative dice rolling system for warfare (insert Walter White meme here). This system, which is aided by a wide slew of negative and positive modifiers, means that it consistently ensures a fair and realistic outcome. The modifier system, the heart and soul of the whole dice mechanic, takes into account anything from terrain to equipment used, meaning that weaker guerilla insurgents can use their terrain to their advantage to take out more advanced armies, and that putting effort into the roleplaying of your military development will produce tangible results in conventional warfare. To conduct a roll, you will simply submit it using the template available in the discord, to which a roller will then roll it for you.


    I think most people immediately think of KGB and CIA spies constantly attempting to outwit each other in their fight for supremacy whenever the topic of the Cold War is brought up. To this end, the staff has taken special consideration in ensuring that espionage activities are conducted with innovation and realism. Using a similar system to warfare (dice rolling), you can attempt to steal technology, create unrest, stoke the flames of a civil war, and much more. Make sure you have a good intelligence agency though, don't want your agents to be captured and made to squeak all their secrets ;).


    The final and perhaps most important component of your roleplay, the post-war era was one of reconstruction, but more than that, it was time for development. Decolonized nations rushed to industrialize, European nations in the East and West sought to repeat the benefits of their chosen ideology, and the superpowers began utilizing every resource they had to match each other in the sphere of advancement, leading to a wide variety of technological and scientific breakthroughs. Domestic development is possibly the easiest component to RP, as you claim a nation, you will be given your own channel. Within this channel you can begin conducting all kinds of development, from internal conflicts between your politicians, to the new housing you are building for your citizens. Indeed, the only limit is your imagination (and bounds to realism).


    'Golly gee Miss Mysterious Writer, I am so excited to join this unlimited fountain of creativity and excitement. Can you please guide me on how to join please please please???' Well Jenkins, you sure are excited. To join our little server, simply click on this Linklink. After joining the server (make sure you have a discord account), you will be welcomed by our friendly and respectful community, who will care and help for you no matter your skill level. Navigating to the 'national-applications' channel, you will find a template which you will use to apply for one of our unclaimed nations. Following a short period, assuming everything is in order and the claim is realistic, you will be given approval and your own channel. From there, your fate is yours! So what are you waiting for partner? Come and join our exciting RP. NOW!