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The Grey Wardens - A Very Hungry LuCaterpillar

A Very Hungry LuCaterpillar: LWU Sent Packing From New Dinosaurtopia

[TGW] Luca Today at 11:53 AM
I am so hungry I could eat a whole raider

When Chamberlain Luca rose from her slumber and ventured to update to support her fellow liberators, a slight rumble ran through her stomach but she thought nothing of it. Hunger was common for defenders these days with more detags than defenses to do in a week, and Commander Vinny had threatened to start munching on new recruits to fill his void of hunger. Except when Luca .here'd into Libcord, her insatiable hunger felt undeniable and she became a very hungry LuCaterpillar, if you will

And so the very hungry LuCaterpillar began to look for some food. On Monday and Wednesday, the very hungry LuCaterpillar and her liberator friends did 100 detags but she was still hungry

On Friday the very hungry LuCaterpillar and her 20 liberator friends did 2 small liberations but she was still hungry.

Liberations: 2
Un United Nations
Dictatorship Countries

[LDF/TGW] Quebecshire
[LDF] Anjan Kloss
[LDF] Bootyswana
[LDF] Iandrul
[LDF] Libertia
[LDF] Mediternia
[LDF] Preskovia
[lily] Frenchy
[SPSF/TGW] Eshialand
[SPSF] Concrete Slab
[SPSF] Not an austrian
[TGW/EU] Vincent Drake
[TGW/LAB] Merni
[TGW] AurAKlimaX
[TGW] Igualla
[TGW] Sandwichs
[TGW] Takkaviita
[TGW] Thedaria
[TGW] Varax
[TGW] Westinor

The next day was Saturday and the very hungry LuCaterpillar was still hungry. Fortunately for her stomach, some corporate-shilling wolves had holed up in New Dinosaurtopia and needed to be expelled with great prejudice back from where they came. The very hungry LuCaterpillar and 40 of her liberator friends quickly moved in to eat through 1 larger liberation and send the pesky wolves on their way. And after that, she felt much better. Not quite full but satiated for now.

Hangry Wardens
First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Warden-Chamberlain Luca
Warden-Commander Nakari
Warden-Commander Varax
Warden-Lieutenant Merni
Warden-Lieutenant Quebecshire
Warden-Lieutenant Westinor
Senior Warden Eshialand
Senior Warden Kanglia
Senior Warden Roavin
Senior Warden Takkaviita
Warden Arnelle
Warden Izhtat
Warden New Lamp-Dynasty
Guardian Aryavart

Liberator Friends
The Labyrinth
The League Defense Forces
The North Pacific Army
The Rejected Realms Army
The Great Universe
The South Pacific Special Forces
Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization

Liberations: 1
New Dinosaurtopia