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[TEST] Welcome to the South Pacific!

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Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific!

Hello there, and congratulations on founding your very own nation! We know you’ve probably got your hands full governing millions of citizens, but we also wanted to introduce you to your region. A region is simply a community of nations, and every new nation like yourself starts out in one. If you’re reading this, that means you’re in the region of the South Pacific. That’s us — welcome!

But what can you do in a region? We’re glad you asked! Regions are a great way to get to know and play NationStates with other players. Every region has something different to offer, but here in the South Pacific, some of the things we’re known for include…

  • The oldest extant democracy on NationStates, running since 2003, with our elections, legislature, executive, and judiciary;

  • A regional military that’s one of the leading forces defending other regions from attack;

  • Vibrant roleplay universes, where players build up the lore of their country; and

  • A friendly and welcoming community of players just like you.

No matter what you’re interested in, we’re sure there’s something for you. The choice is yours!

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Linkregional forums or LinkDiscord server to chat with other members of our community. We'd be happy to help you!

Become a SWAN Knight
Quick, easy, and important.

Becoming a SWAN Knight is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get involved, but it’s also one of the most important. Oh, and it also comes with a pretty badge that you can see here.

Tell me more! SWAN Knights are nations that have endorsed our Delegate and members of the Coral Guard. An endorsement is similar to a like button and gives them the power to protect our region. Keeping the numbers of endorsements held by the Delegate and Coral Guard high keeps our region more secure from potential attackers.

How to endorse a nation: You can find the Endorse button at the bottom of each nation’s page.

How do I become a SWAN Knight? You’ll need to join the World Assembly (NationStates’ version of the United Nation) and then do these steps:

Step 1: Endorse the Delegate

Step 2: Endorse the Coral Guard nations






Land Without Shrimp

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Join the World Assembly ➔

Join the Assembly
Make your voice heard.

The Assembly offers rich, lively political debate as it debates our region’s laws. It’s the perfect venue for you to voice your beliefs and shape our region.

Tell me more! The Assembly is our regional legislature and it makes laws covering the rights of residents of our region, our foreign policy towards other regions, the way our regional officer powers are allocated, and more. It’s a great way for anyone to get started crafting our regional laws and participating in our regional politics.

How do I join? To become a legislator and join the Assembly, simply Linkmake an account on our regional forums and then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard!

LinkJoin the Assembly ➔

Vote in elections
Participate in NationStates’ oldest democracy.

One of our proudest traditions, our elections highlight our spirited political culture and offer you a chance to participate in NationStates’ oldest extant democracy.

Tell me more! We hold elections for government officials including the members of our Cabinet and our Delegate. Our Cabinet is in charge of things like regional events, welcoming new players (like you!), and diplomacy with other regions. Our Delegate is the person in our region with the most endorsements and serves as our head of state.

How do I vote? To vote for the Delegate or for ministers of the Cabinet, you'll need to become a legislator (a member of the Assembly, our law-making body). Simply Linkmake an account on our regional forums and then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard!

LinkJoin the Assembly ➔

Join the military
Protect innocent regions across NationStates.

Our military offers exciting, fast-paced gameplay and the chance to defend innocent regions and communities all across NationStates from unjustified attacks.

Tell me more! NationStates doesn’t have wars between nations, but it does have military gameplay with regions. Our military is a defender military, which means we protect innocent regions from the military forces that try to take them over simply because they enjoy it. If that sounds interesting, or you just want some fast-paced gameplay, enlisting in our military is for you!

How do I join? To enlist in our regional military, the South Pacific Special Forces, simply Linkmake an account on our regional forums and then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard!

LinkJoin the Special Forces ➔

Participate in roleplay
Build up your country’s lore and history.

Our roleplay communities are a perfect outlet to unleash your creativity and formulate your country’s lore and history.

Tell me more! Many NationStates players enjoy roleplay, where you get to build up the lore of your country and its people with other players. Whether you’re looking to write stories about your people, report on news from your nation, or simulate trade relations or even war, roleplay is a great choice to get involved.

How do I roleplay? To join our roleplay community, simply Linkmake an account on our regional forums and start reading or posting in one of our roleplay universes there. You can also join the Linkdedicated roleplay Discord server to chat with other roleplayers.

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Grow our regional community
More players, more fun.

Everyone loves to just relax and have some fun once in a while. That’s why our Ministry of Culture hosts online events and festivals, and you can host them too!

Tell me more! The Ministry of Culture hosts regional activities and festivals. Events from the past have included movie screenings, online game nights, festivals with other regions, and more. It’s a great way to get involved in the community while hosting and participating in fun events!

How do I join? To apply to join the Ministry of Culture, simply Linkmake an account on our regional forums and then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard!

LinkJoin the Ministry of Culture ➔

Still not sure?

That’s okay! We think we have a little bit to offer everyone, but if nothing catches your eye right now, no worries! We’d love to just chat with you and get to know you a bit better. Feel free to Linkmake an account on our regional forums or Linkjoin our Discord server.

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