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KOTN ⬢ Election Season



Kerbals of the North Government

Election Season

As the Presidential election draws near every three months, candidates start preparing for their election campaign and drive themselves to presidency. This is a brief summary of everything that happens from party formation to President.

Party Formation

  • To form a party, go check out the parties tab above.

  • Your party can be (basically) any ideology, but people may not vote for unpopular ideologies.

Party Growth

  • Parties grow through their recruitment effort.

  • The more you try, the more likely you are to recruit someone into your party.

  • New members of your party can quickly gain your trust, leading them to be good choices for the Cabinet.

Going for President

  • To try your hand at becoming President, just announce your campaign in a dispatch or RMB post.

  • If only one party head announces their campaign for president, then all party heads will be in the election.

  • Don't worry about losing it, it'll be linked to and treated highly.

  • You may also want to announce your vice president/cabinet members, so that people know what they are voting for.


  • To actually get people's votes, you need to campaign.

  • Campaigning involves posting RMB posts or dispatches.

  • All campaigns will be logged here, for voters and you to find easily.

  • Make sure your campaigning is truthful, and informs voters on what they're voting for.

The Election

  • During the 3-day long election, you can campaign and recruit for your party as much as you want!

  • Voters can change their vote until the election is over, so campaign hard and fight to win.

  • Well established parties may take the early lead, but underdogs still have a chance, so don't fret!

  • At the end, no matter who wins, you know that you have gotten your words out there.

Campaign Logs: February 2023
United States of Hirehiy - Democratic-Liberal

Middle Ibarthelastorosa - Social Demokraterna

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