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Daulmārk Direct 25/01

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[center][size=250][color=black]Daulmārk Seeks Arellistani Restoration[/color][/size][/center]

[table=plain][tr][td][tab=80][/tab][/td][td][size=110][font=timesnewroman]The joint heads of the Central Military Commission today revealed their intentions to hasten the restoration of the original borders of Arellistan. President Alexander Novikov stated to the Presidium that the Ministry of the Exterior have prepared a post-conflict reconstruction plan for Arellistan to quickly rehouse the population, and restore electricity and travel within the following immediate months. President Novikov, however, stated that this investment plan cannot go forward until the invasive forces of Johill have been removed from rightful Arelli territory. The CPD are expected to vote later today on an intervention proposal motioned by the soldiers’ council, and further motivated by the Central Committee. Islamic volunteers from the Ghuzakh, Türzyn, and Hezykh communities in Daulmārk are expected to support the motion. “We cannot continue our efforts of delivering aid to the frontlines of Arellistan whilst the conflict continues on at it’s current pace.” quoted the Secretary of Foreign Alliances and International Friendships, Yovani Kuzmat, “…It would be far cheaper and just to involve ourselves with the conflict itself rather than focusing on exclusively rebuilding.” The Arelli government-in-exile in Daulmārk have pre-issued permission for intervention. [nation=noflag]Vlarissia[/nation] is expected to align with Daulmārk’s vote and deploy additional presence in the conflict. Daulmārk continues to recognise the national sovereignty of the People’s Republic of Arellistan, its official claim to the full territory, and urges the Arelli government not to surrender any measure of land via treaty.[/font][/size][/td][td][tab=80][/tab][/td][/tr][/table]


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