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Admission and Apology to the Region

Member of the House of Commons

My fellow Thaecians:

While taking a moment away from my busy schedule to clean my second home's third floor office back in Ohio, I made a startling discovering in the office closet. Underneath a heavy tote containing my numerous, too-many-to-remember, absolutely real and genuine awards and honors from across my time in NationStates, there were two boxes that immediately sent through me a rush of guilt and shame.

They were two boxes containing classified materials from my time as Electoral Commissioner of Thaecia, a job I held in the highest esteem. These boxes contain materials deemed classified and top-secret and ultra classified and straight-from-andy's-phone, clearly marked and undoubtably important to Thaecia's regional security and stability. And they should have never left the Electoral Commission building.

There is no excuse for this egregious lapse in professional candor, nor are there enough words to tell you - Thaecia - how sorry I am. Though this could totally be a covert operation to plant illegal items in my home in the hopes that I would be arrested and banned from the region - it is only slightly more likely that in my temper tantrum moment of displeasure upon departing from the E.C., I may have taken by accident, ACCIDENT, boxes that I thought were my personal desk belongings but in reality were these planted boxes of classified documents.

As much as I would like to tell you how I, a central government figure, didn't even know there was a classification system for information in the region, I won't! I will humble myself before you hoping that you will ignore and forget my misgivings like you've done for such dedicated Thaecians like Xernon, Brototh, and Ambis.

Let us remember what the good book says: "And the angel said unto him: "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself." But low he could not. For the angel was hitting him with his own hands."

Feeling your forgiveness,

The United States of Actias