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GME Application

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[tr][td][sup]SECTION I | Answer in your own words:[/sup]

[b] What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences? [/b] "Out-of-Character" does not impact roleplay, while "in-character" communications contribute to RP

[b] How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming?[/b] By collaborating as much as possible with the people whose nations I'm interacting with in-RP

[b] How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming?[/b] By referring to real-world statistics and other information relevant to my nation, and keeping within the bounds of what is plausible.[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][sup]SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.[/sup]

[b]Name of your nation:[/b] Social National Syrian State, or, Greater Syria

[b]Location of your nation on the map:[/b] Lebanon and Syria

[b]Capital City:[/b] Damascus

[b]Ethnic Demographics of your nation: [/b]

[list]Syrian Arabs (8085%)
Kurds (10%)
Turkmen/Turkoman (45%)
Assyrians (34%)
Other (2.5%)[/list]

[b]Religious Demographics of your nation:[/b]

[list]Sunnis.........1,971,053 (68.91%)
Shi'ites...............12,742 (0.45%)
Alawites.............325,311 (11.37%)
Ismailis..............28,527 (1.00%)
Druze.................87,184 (3.05%)
Yezidi.................2,788 (0.10%)
[b]Total Muslims..........2,427,605 (84.87%)[/b]
Jews..................29,770 (1.04%)
Christians...........403,036 (14.09%)[/list]

[b]Population of your nation[/b]: 25.049 Million

[b]Economics:[/b] $39.53 billion USD (2022), $3935 Per Capita (2022), 1 Syrian Dinar = $1500.22039809 USD (2022)

[b]Leader of your nation:[/b] Rabi Noureddine Banat

[b]Government type of your nation:[/b] Confessional One-Party Social Nationalist Republic

[b]Brief history of your nation:[/b] continuation of [nation]Arab greater syria[/nation] (His [url=]application[/url]). I'll try to, more or less, resume where he left off and introduce my variations through the RP

"The Republic of Greater Syria was established by the United National Front Al-Mutahida, on September 8th, 2018, in the aftermath of the fall of the Sunni extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Sahuria, and the Shia extremist Islamic State of Sahuria. The SSNP gained wide popularity among Sahurian minorities and many Sunni Arabs in the face of economic struggle, abolishing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Sahurian Morality Police, and Islamic official religion, in favor of a decentralized confessional confederation governed by a strong one-party military that has established total rule of law in the entirety of Greater Syria in the aftermath of the lawless revolution. President Rabi Noureddine Banat and his radical hardliner faction of the SSNP crushed the Al-Mutahida's revolutionary leader Ali Haidar and his moderate faction in the October 10th, 2022 parliamentary and presidential one-party confessional elections (the second such election in the country since the revolution.) President Banat seeks alliances and old economic ties with Syria's traditional allies, but his hardliners seek to implement Antoun Saadeh's vision of local power for ethnic and religious minorities with a strong secular state backed by the college educated generals in the Greater Syrian Armed Forces."

[b]Previous Roleplay Experience :[/b] Very experienced

[b]Flag Link:[/b] [spoiler=It's very big][img][/img][/spoiler] [/td][/tr][/table]