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by The Allied States of Murlerfield. . 18 reads.

Champter 2: ready for the war?

In the streets of murlerfield, chains, weapons, and an endless march of soldiers are heard. While at the head of the line was a man quite bearded, and with a quite acceptable height. Going to murlerfield government house. Mili, look suspiciously at all those soldiers who didn't know where they came from. Until she saw a vertical flag Colored white, yellow and red along with a star in the middle.

King Gino was having a good beer on his throne until the minister of foreign affairs of the Andorran commune arrived.
Gino: hey look who arrived, they were already late, don't believe it
Fiji: sorry sir, the tides of the maxxi sea were too strong, and several of our men drowned. Gino: well, why did your president send you Fiji: sir, he sent us to talk about the xiang dynasty. At that moment. Gino stood up from his throne and said with a menacing look. What about that?
Fiji: you see, our spies discovered large deposits of gold in the country.
Gino: w-what!
Gino: gold!
Fiji: Yes, gold and in exorbitant amounts, and we need help with an invasion.
Gino: There's a problem. There are several powerful nations that support the dynasty.

Fiji without further ado bows its head and says why not call its allies from the previous war with that dynasty. Gino doesn't answer. Fiji: she's fine, thanks for her opinion. When he was about to leave the room, Gino spoke to him. Gino: I will send a battalion of my army for your country to lead. But do not notice that they are mine. Causing a world war because of the stupid gold can be an infamous madman. Fiji: ok sir, thank you very much, my reward country will make you an economic alliance that will last for 167 years. As he leaves, Gino tells his guards to go recruiting everyone who is over 16 years old. Mili, he was in the center of the kingdom buying some essential things from the countryside. Since he earned his living being a simple upper-middle farmer. But, his head was beginning to tell him something, something very bad that would happen to his mother if he didn't come quickly.
So she threw away everything she bought because it was weighing her down, and she ran as fast as she could to her house. And when he arrived, his face was stunned. He couldn't believe it, Merlina's body was on the cold ground. And behind, there were two riders on horses and their swords were stained with blood. Jacobs: hey, you're Mili Mili: because Because Because! The gentleman in front, insisting, yelled at him that he will answer him. Mili couldn't stop crying, her mother was dead. according to the soldiers. She was a xianglina who escaped from the concentration camps.