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Council of Nine

TITO Command

Chief Executive: Sacfdfds
WA Delegate: Sacfdfds

Senator for Lyonnesse East: Sacfdfds
Senator for New Republica South: Sacfdfds
Senator for Himes West: Sacfdfds
Senator for Blue Canaria North: Sacfdfds

Minister of Education: Sacfdfds
Minister of Labor: Sacfdfds
Minister of Immigration: Sacfdfds

Field Commander: Sacfdfds

Tactical Officer: Sacfdfds
Tactical Officer: Sacfdfds
Tactical Officer: Sacfdfds
Tactical Officer: Sacfdfds

Elections hit the islands

Ten Thousand Islands saw elections this month, starting on the 10th of January and with the results being announced on the 19th of January. Elections were held for the seats of Senator of Blue Canaria North and Senator of New Republica South, which saw Cataryn and Liberdon be for each respectively with no opposition. This was Liberdon's third election to the seat, while Cataryn is a newcomer to Council of Nine.

Both are joined by Lenlyvit, who was also elected unnoposed to the seat of Delegate. A new Delegate was elected after the resignation of the former Delegate, Markanite, as they go on to again serve as the Chief Executive of the region. Lenlyvit is a return Delegate, having served the isles in the same position twice before, between September 2018 and March 2019 and again between July 2019 and September 2020.

The Haze and Dreams of Cataryn