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The Royal Council of Dukes

[center][font=Cambria][background-block=darkgoldenrod][color=White][size=250]The Royal Council of Dukes[/size][/background-block][/color] [/center][/font]

[size=150][color=darkgoldenrod]What is the Royal Council of Dukes?[/color][/size]

The Royal Council of Dukes is a body of noble and trustworth nations responsible for monitoring and responding to regional security issues. These nations are considered Arcesia's nobility and hold the title of Duke or Duchess of Arcesia. They protect the region against external threats, hold the in-game delegacy and ensure the continuation of Arcesia's Dual Monarchy in times of crisis. 

[size=150][color=darkgoldenrod]Who are the members of the Royal Council of Dukes?[/color][/size]

The Royal Council of Dukes is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, elected every 4 months. The Monarchs are permanent members of the Royal Council. Its current members are:
[table=plainheader][tr][td][background-block=darkgoldenrod][hr][center][b][color=#dfecff]The Royal Council of Arcesia[/color][/center][/b][hr][/background-block][/td][/tr][tr][td]Vacant (Vice-Chancellor)[/td][/tr][tr][td][nation]Repolet[/nation] (Monarch)[/td][/tr][tr][td][nation]Rulsolia[/nation] (Monarch)[/td][/tr][tr][td][nation]Enatoa[/nation] (Duchess)[/td][/tr][/table]

[size=150][color=darkgoldenrod]What are the responsibilities of the Royal Council of Dukes?[/color][/size]

Members of the Royal Council of Dukes are responsible for maintaining a World Assembly nation in Arcesia and collecting endorsements. Aside from that the Royal Council of Dukes responsibilities include:
[box][b][color=darkgoldenrod]✓[/color][/b] Safeguarding the region and the Dual Monarchy during times of crisis. [spoiler=Click to read more] All the Dukes are a part of the Line of Succession for the Monarchs' seats. The Duke who is highest in the Line of Succession shall assume the title of Crown Prince or Princess. Should a Monarch abdicate or cease to exist, the Successor will be crowned as Monarch. Furthermore, and during a state of emergency, members of the Royal Council of Dukes may be granted border control. [/spoiler][b][color=darkgoldenrod]✓[/color][/b] Holding the in-game WA delegate position. [spoiler=Click to read more] As stated in the Constitution, only members of the Royal Council of Dukes can hold the in-game delegate position. [/spoiler][b][color=darkgoldenrod]✓[/color][/b] Keep track of regional endorsement levels. [spoiler=Click to read more]To protect the in-game WA delegacy from accidental changes, the Royal Council of Dukes must make sure that the legitimate delegate, usually one of the Monarchs, has the most endorsements, and must monitor regional endorsement levels to ensure that no unauthorized nation gets too close to taking the in-game delegate position. [/spoiler][b][color=darkgoldenrod]✓[/color][/b] Scouting for potential security threats. [spoiler=Click to read more]The Royal Council, alongside the Department of Defense has the duty to identify potential threats to the region and to ensure that such threats are dealt with. Potential security risks, internal or foreign in nature, should be discussed with the Chancellor as well.[/spoiler][b][color=darkgoldenrod]✓[/color][/b] Advising the Vice-Chancellor and the Monarchs regarding citizenship applicants. [spoiler=Click to read more] The Vice-Chancellor and the Monarchs are responsible for evaluating citizenship applicants on security grounds. Citizenship applicants with potentially problematic backgrounds must be discussed with the Royal Council and may end up being deemed a security threat.[/spoiler][/box]
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