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Overview of the M.S.A
In science and Freedom we trust!


Capital city: Washington D.C.

Most important city: New York City


After the tragic events of the second half of the 21st century The North American continent became a land of anarchy for 30 years; the Great Lakes, once important area of history and culture for previous generations had became a no oneís land until the year 2081 when John Travis Pevenman with his modestly big private army (the hunters) surprisingly took control of most of the New Englandís region with cooperation with the local people and quickly took over most of the land where the M.S.A now exists thanks to his diplomatic skills. After the official creation of the M.S.Aís government in 2083 the country became a federative oligarchy with the hunters being the oligarchs, and Pevenman the first president, during the first years of the federation the standards of life quickly grew with the people being the primary interest of the government. In the year 2086 the nation became more personalistic then ever making the learning of maths and sciences at the center of everything, even creating pills for students to make them more involved in those subjects. In 2090 Pevenman unexpectedly dies of still unknown reasons, without a clear successor the two most influencial oligarchs, James McConal (Militarist) and Olga Ambrosa (reformist) contested both to be the right successor to Pevenman, Olga won and became second president of the M.S.A. She remade the constitution giving free speech, free elections, free trials, and equal rights to every citizen making the state a democracy, after winning two consecutive elections in the year 2102 the Democratic - Libertarian party lead by Erik Svenos won making him our third and still in office president.

- name: Mathematic States of America

- years: 2081 - today

- leader: Erik Svenos

- Faith: Atheism

- Capital: Washington D.C.

- Position: Great Lakes and New England

- ideology: progressive conservatism (centre right liberalism)

- H.D.I (0.927) high

Military data

Soldiers: 349.000 people

P99 semi auto gun: 120.000
ZA105 auto gun: 1000
OZA30 machine gun: 3000
F99 sniper: 1200
K35 pistol:40.000
AGG bazooka: 60

medium tank: 130
m2001 medium tank:150
mini light tank: 100
KAT medium tank: 25
medium tank: 32
transport tank: 40

frigate: 35
destroyer: 19
GGT submarine: 7
aircraft carriers: 6

zeus55 jet fighter: 75
Stealth jet Fighter: 90
jet bomber : 53
attack helicopter: 26