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Aldonquia Gymnastics

Aldonquia has decided to start a college gymnastics league but we need your help.
Step 1. Watch one of Simone Biles' routines. This will show you what gymnastics is about.
Step 2. Search Grace Mccallum college routines. Watch Vault, bars, beam, and floor. This will show you how college gymnastics is easier.
Step 3. Watch Kara Eaker perfect ten 2023. This will show you how to get a perfect score in college gymnastics.
Step 4. Find out what college team you like best. Try searching for best NCAA gymnastics teams. Then explore and find out what team theme is best for your team.
Step 5. Find gymnasts. The rules for this are ten gymnasts maximum per team. Two alternates. Find gymnasts that were freshmen in 2016-2019.
Step 6. Create your team. Use gymnasts from any college you want. Make sure to have at least two all around gymnasts, and remaining on other events.
Step 7. Publish team. Telegram me your team and what year they started college and your team will be added to competitions. Don't forget to add details such as what university they are from and if they are an alternate or team member, and what the team name is.
Step 8. Join the Retired World Gymnastics Association. Your teams will go against other teams to determine winner. Who will win the RWGA Final? Find out by joining the 2023 season.
Questions? Telegram me.

The Empire of Aldonquia