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Coronation Ceremony of Maria I of Eoreca

In the Royal Palace of Albucerna where Maria is almost ready to start with the ceremony that has been preparing since the regency of Manuel Tristany and the National Diet named Maria as the new queen of Eoreca.

She wears a dress made by the best seamstresses in the country for the occasion. Maria goes to the room where the former regent Manuel Tristany and the high command of the Armed Forces are, where the transfer of leadership of all the Armed Forces takes place. Immediately afterwards, Maria shook hands with all the high military commanders, most of whom were veterans of the Eoreco-Krosvic War.

Then a limousine appeared outside the palace, ready to take the new queen to the Palace of the National Diet. Maria enters the limousine with the help of her escort and they leave for the Palace of the National Diet.

The avenues where the queen was scheduled to pass were packed with people coming from all corners of Eoreca as they cheered her name and waved Eoreca flags as Maria's sculptured limousine passed by and she greeted her new subjects. The avenue was full of security and they had registered all the citizens who attended the event because they wanted to avoid a possible attack.

Arriving at the Palace of the National Diet. Maria gets out of the limousine with the help of her escort and when she gets out she shakes hands with Prime Minister Gabriel Galván and they enter the Palace of the Diet where she would be sworn in as the new head of state. Maria arrives at the diet chamber where the diet members and other members of the national government are. After Maria arrives at the diet chamber, a judge approaches with the current constitution for her to swear in her role as queen by swearing in before the national diet:

“I, Maria I, Queen of Eoreca, upon ascending the Throne of the Kingdom of Eoreca and assuming royal powers, swear in the presence of Almighty God and in the presence of the National Diet that I will uphold the national unity, the independence of the state and its integrity. territorial, and I will maintain and adjust the statutes and laws in force, always thinking of the good of the Eorecans."

Members of the government applaud after the end of the Queen's oath. After the event at the Palace of the National Diet, she leaves the building and gets into the limousine and heads to the Cathedral of Saint Fidelis where she attended a mass led by Cardinal Francisco Sardá. There was the crown of Eoreca with which she was crowned by the cardinal after the ceremonial mass. After the ceremony at the Cathedral, Queen Maria heads back to her limousine in order to reach the final destination of the national event.

The queen returns to the Royal Palace of Albucerna, where crowds of Eorecans are cheering the new queen as the limousine passes accompanied by escorts, she greets the crowd waving their flags and cheering her name as the national anthem is played. When the queen's limousine arrives at the palace, she gets out and enters the building.

The people waited expectantly for the great palace that was in front of them. When suddenly the balcony doors open and Queen Maria appears greeting the Eorecans who came to see her and witness the great event that will go down to posterity.