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LDF Profiles & Honors

LDF Profiles & Honors

LDF Profiles & Honors | Port Fukuoka

Brought to you by LinkDepartment of Culture and the LinkThe League's Defense Forces of The League & Concord.

The LDF Profiles & Honors is a culture-supported endeavor by the regional military to recognize our members and their accomplishments. Any member (or former member in continued good standing) can sign up for a profile on this dispatch. To start, we have profiles for all incumbent officers and two historic profiles.

Profiles include the rank, a rough deployment (update) count, a brief description, and a chosen picture of the member in question. When viewing a member's profile, click the icon to be taken to their nation. Below is a brief guide on how to get a profile in this project.

  1. Contact Quebecshire expressing your interest.

  2. Include an image you want displayed on your profile. The images will be sized down to 200x285px. You can send some larger, but note that the preview version displayed in the dispatch will be that ratio/size.

  3. Provide any other information you'd like to, including things you think deserve mention in your description.

After the profiles section, we have the LDF Honors. There is more information in that section of the dispatch, but the Honors represent major operations and provide a way for members to show off their experience and accomplishments. An individual's honors can be seen by clicking the "Honors" spoiler on their profile.

Officer Profiles

Consul, 700+ Deployments

    Quebecshire was the first General of the Armed Forces during the region's 2016 iteration and one of the officers reviving the military in 2021. They serve on the Consulate of the Republic in addition to leading the military and have the most deployments of any LDF member.

New Makasta
General, 600+ Deployments

    New Makasta joined the LDF in March 2021, quickly rising to the rank of Colonel, and by May 2021, General. They have the second most deployments of any LDF member and are the longest serving General. Their military nations are known for their many unique anime-themed flags.

Colonel, 150+ Deployments

    Having joined the community through a friend, DinoNet eventually enlisted in the military and proved themselves a competent updater. They regularly contribute to liberation efforts and frequently serve in leadership on offensive operations, otherwise being a reliable presence for smaller operations.

Colonel, 100+ Deployments

    Former longtime delegate of Warzone Sandbox, Raziel enlisted in the LDF following the end of their delegacy and soon after became an officer due to their experience and skill. While a newer member, they've proven themselves a well known and capable contributor to the regional military.

Lieutenant, 50+ Deployments

    A longtime member and an early WA Delegate for the region, Icaris joined the military in 2022 and was eventually promoted to officer rank due to their tenure and competence in the region, as well as their contributions in organizational and recordkeeping matters, notably in large operations.

    For the sake of this table looking decent, items on both sides need to have a similar amount of text. For this reason itís important that this side also has ~280 characters of stuff. This spot will be filled in with a profile in accordance with the next LDF officer promotions, whenever that ends up being.

Enlisted Profiles

Flagbearer, 150+ Deployments
    While less talkative than some, Iandrul has been a longtime member of the region (previously serving in civilian government) and its military, with a high deployment count since joining in mid-2021. They've always been quick to answer the call for major operations whenever they can, and otherwise contribute to smaller activities when plausible.

Flagbearer, 100+ Deployments

    A former WA Delegate, Paleocacher joined the military upon departing that position. Since their enlistment, they've been a consistent presence in various types of operations, serving as a Flagbearer concurrent to their role as a Consul of the Republic in civilian government and a roleplayer.

Flagbearer, 40+ Deployments

    A civil servant and roleplayer in other parts of the region, Zloveshchiy joined some liberations as a civilian before enlisting and becoming a dependable participant in larger operations. In the time since, they've seen action in several major engagements in addition to a smaller number of minor operations.

    For the sake of this table looking decent, items on both sides need to have a similar amount of text. For this reason itís important that this side also has ~280 characters of stuff. This spot will be filled in with a profile when an individual signs up to be placed here.

Cannoneer, 15+ Deployments
    A gameside member of the region and a roleplayer, Bladium eventually joined the military during a recruiting push for the siege and liberation of New Westphalia in December 2022, later becoming regular contributor to varyingly substantial operations in its aftermath and earning a promotion to Cannoneer soon after.

Cannoneer, 20+ Deployments
    Another newer member, Jammy joined the military in fall 2022 and they began activity concurrent to their ongoing career in civilian government (notably culture), serving in both internal operations such as Sunscraper as well as being a reliable liberator for broader defender activity when called upon.

Cannoneer, 15+ Deployments
    Famous for their recruiting dedication and roleplay contributions, Kivu entered military service during the December 2022 siege of New Westphalia and has been a consistent presence in the time since, earning a promotion to Cannoneer and being an active presence in military engagement.

New San Antonio
Cannoneer, 20+ Deployments
    Active in upper level regional foreign affairs and recruitment, New San Antonio joined the military and was quickly introduced to a variety of defender operations, and has remained a steady contributor to the cause throughout and since fall 2022. Having earned the rank of Cannoneer, they continue to serve the defender cause.

Cannoneer, 30+ Deployments
    Originally a civilian conscript during the fight for Trovons, Preskovia soon after enlisted in the military as a standard member. While not the most talkative, they've been a reliable presence for major operations for some time, serving with distinction and eagerly responding to calls for liberations.

Cannoneer, 15+ Deployments
    Involved in many aspects of the regions' government, Svedonia began serving in operations during smaller liberations in fall 2022 before fully enlisting and eventually earning a promotion to Cannoneer. They've since served in numerous military operations, going out of their way to attend larger-scale engagements.

Minuteman, 5+ Deployments
    Eleutherios has mainly been a figure on the regional roleplay scene, but enlisted in the military earlier this fall. While not the most active, they've answered the call of duty when able and have supported multiple operations since enlistment, demonstrating varied capabilities in operations.

Minuteman, 3+ Deployments
    A historic member of the region and its military, Kanjuura's military service record dates back to defender operations in 2017. While they were away for about two years for real-life obligations, Kanjuura re-enlisted soon after returning and served a key role in the main invasion of Operation Majapahit.

    For the sake of this table looking decent, items on both sides need to have a similar amount of text. For this reason itís important that this side also has ~280 characters of stuff. This spot will be filled in with a profile when an individual signs up to be placed here.

    For the sake of this table looking decent, items on both sides need to have a similar amount of text. For this reason itís important that this side also has ~280 characters of stuff. This spot will be filled in with a profile when an individual signs up to be placed here.

Historic Profiles

Andrew Du
General (Ret.)
    The second General of the original iteration of the regional military, serving in and leading a variety of early operations in 2016-17. A figure in the defender alliance FORGE during our membership, Andrew Du maintains an admired reputation within our region, also remembered by some other defenders abroad.

General (Ret.)
    Creeperopolis was General during the period between military iterations until the earlier parts of military revitalization, helping with initial organization and symbology, featuring the iconic shield and eagle design. Afterwards, he served briefly in enlisted ranks while Chief Consul before permanently retiring to be WA Delegate of The League.

Flagbearer (Ret.)

    Fandom served in the original iteration of the military and was a high-ranking figure in regional security between the two iterations. In the modern iteration of the regional military, Fandom was a regular contributor, earning the highest enlisted rank before permanently retiring to be a Vice-Delegate of Concord.

Flagbearer (Ret.)

    A longtime figure in regional intelligence, Spode was a critical part of early military operations such as Operation Iron Justice. He continued to serve in operations during the modern iteration of the military with distinction, before permanently retiring to take up the WA Delegate position of Concord, continuing their longtime role in domestic security and stability.


Below is an index of the honors displayed on member profiles. Typically they are produced alongside a medal/ribbon graphic. The code is also attached below, which works in dispatches and on LinkThe League & Concord's forum if members wish to add them to their signatures. Do not display these if you have not earned them.

While we will continue to make medals/ribbon graphics at times, they are at times difficult to create and infeasible for members to display. This should provide a sustainably produced way for people to display and show off their accomplishments, and we encourage members to use them if they would like to.



Longevity Service Medal

Members who served in the original iteration of the regional militay established in 2016 and continued until ~2018. Recipients would have contributed to early raids, early anti-fascist actions, and eventual defender operations within Libcord and the FORGE military alliance.


Operation Iron Justice

Those who served in Operation Iron Justice, the final blow via a raid against United Conservative Nations after a months long conflict ending in July 2018.


Gentlemen's Coalition Campaign

Those who served in the "Gentlemen's Coalition" allied/joint military body that undertook anti-fascist operations targetted Farkasfalka and affiliates in 2019.


Auctor-Sophia Support

Members that served in the Sophia support training operation after Auctor was destroyed by its Founder in April 2021.


Chaylia Liberation

Those that served in the August 2021 two-update siege and liberation of Chaylia, a then-new and founderless region under a large raider occupation.


Warzone Europe Liberation

Members that served in the November 2021 multilateral liberation of Warzone Europe from a raider occupation.


Trovons Liberation

Those who served in the four-update sieges and liberation of Trovons in November 2021, an operation that was a turning point in civilian engagement strategies for military operations, a method largely pushed by the LDF that served future operations greatly.


China Liberation

Members that served in the December 2021 two-update siege and liberation of China, under occupation by over 100 raiders, liberated by the largest defending force of 2021.


Warzone Sandbox Defense

Members who attended the major update of 27 December 2021 where raiders attempted a raid of Warzone Sandbox (an embassy and now treaty ally of our region) and Japan, being thwarted by defender numbers, intelligence and LDF border control officers in Warzone Sandbox.


Concord Invasion

Those who served in the May 2022 invasion of Concord, then-controlled by a fascist-aligned region which had antagonized our region since 2017. After the deletion of their Founder by site moderators, the region was seized and eventually rebuilt as a part of our own community.


Operation Sunscraper

Those who participated in the September 2021 detagging operation that saw a 100-hit detagging run by LDF forces led by a new officer.


Equestria Sieges

Members who attended the eleven-update attrition sieges of Equestria during a large raider occupation in October 2022.


New Westphalia Liberation

Those that served in the December 2022 three-update sieges and liberation of New Westphalia, the largest liberation of 2022 with the LDF leading in turnout and contributing heavily to coordination.


Operation Majapahit

Members that served in any of the aspects of Operation Majapahit, an anti-raider operation targetted Islamic States and their possessions via counter-invasion and refounds.


Created by Quebecshire for The League & Concord, direct any inquires or concerns there.