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LDU Regional News Service | Dispatch #25 | 24 January 2023

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Dispatch #25 | 24 January 2023

Articles written by Kingdom of the Indus KLDU

Regional Gameplay News


Official self-nominations have started for the February 2023 elections.

So far, Sjevre KLDU has nominated himself for the role of President.



The LDU has cancelled or rejected embassies with the following regions:
The Orange Order
Eurasian Federation

The LDU has agreed to build embassies with the following regions:

Regional Roleplay News


The voting booths that will be used by the Sjevrean Utega Party to elect a new leader.
Sjevre - Utega Party internal elections

Due to the recent resignation of Sjevrean Prime Minister Solvein Morchands, his party (the Utega Party) is due to pick a new leader, and by extension, the new Prime Minister.

All 238 senior members of the Utega Party will gather in Lelies to witness the 7 candidates debate each other on a particular issue, after which three candidates will be voted out.

The 4 remaining candidates will debate each other on a different issue, before two candidates will be voted out again.

After this, the final round of debating will take place, and then the Utega Party will pick its preferred leader from the two candidates that remain - a two-thirds majority or higher will be needed to win the leadership race.

Although there are officially seven candidates, the four candidates who are considered the most likely to be picked are:
Vladimir Usjkov (Foreign Secretary)
Johan Adomaitis (Deputy Prime Minister)
Saunikas Kiiminen (Defense Secretary)
Ludvigs von Zeimanits (Head of the Sjevrean Intelligence Service)

Armurasia - Presidential elections

Armuarsian politician Zeng Song has won his country's presidential elections.

He and his party is primarily known for their hardline stance on the riots in Manchuria which have resulted in several Armurasians being forced from their homes, and the detonation of a car-bomb which killed 2 police officers and injured 1.

Zeng Song is very unpopular among the Manchurians, who wish for independence from Armurasia.


Exiled Texan diplomats visit Sjevre

Diplomats from the now-exiled Carver-Houston government of The Sovereign Nation of Texas have made the decision to visit Sjevre.

Emperor Josev-Aszrymop III recovering from cancer

The Royal Podsburg Palace in Sjevre has announced that Emperor Josev-Aszrymop III is recovering from cancer and his subsequent chemotherapy.

Oruzia accepts invitation to visit Glory Be Ferret

Oruzia has accepted an invitation from Glory Be Ferret to visit the country and form a possible alliance with them.

New Erimea applies for NADTO membership

New Erimea has applied for entry into the Nippon Archipelago Defense Treaty Organization (NADTO).

The Secretariat of the Council of NADTO is currently considering admission.

WorldVision - the final results

1st: Madrinpoor [44 pts]
2nd: North Gilead [43 pts]
3rd: Arkhangelsk-Vologda [35 pts]
4th: Sjevre [34 pts]
5th: Kingdom of the Indus [33 pts]
6th: Vantier [32 pts]
7th: Potenzia [31 pts]

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