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Diplomatic invitation for the Foreign Approach program

The Parliament approved the agenda for the first diplomatic single-person meetings with the head of state of the The Kodiak Republic. Meetings will be organised by meeting one HoS at a time.
Meetings will be structured with the same organisation for each HoS (changes can be made if required by the visiting HoS):
  • arrival at the International Airport of Willsbourou "Alvand", acquaintance with the Chancellor of Foreign affair waiting there

  • personal transportation to the "Glorious Ministerial offices", head office of the Commonwealth government, where the HoS will be shown the Parliament

  • after crossing "unity garden", there will be the meeting with the Superintendent at the Diplomatic complex

  • meeting, discussion, resolutions, cut off by lunch, and concluded by 15:00

  • last photo shots, interviews, and greetings, followed by voluntary visit around the capital, or directly to the personal transportation that will being back to the airport

Note: the HoS can bring his/her spouse/fiance/close person, and if necessary his/her ministerial division
Nations (in order by visit):

  1. The Militarist Authority of SorcererKingdom

  2. The Kliencic Republic of Yarumab-Corriopankt

  3. The Burgerverein of Clockwork Lands

  4. The People's Xunta of Kallanistan People s Republic

  5. The Imperium of 2100

  6. The Fachist dynasty enojit of Denext

  7. The Most Serene Republic of Piehu

  8. The Armed Republic of Garmi

  9. The Demokratiske Republikken of New Asden

  10. The Holy Empire of Kusaca

  11. The Kliencic Juche of Morshikaru

the meetings
The Militarist Authority of SorcererKingdom:
HoS arrived with the private jet, wearing a military uniform with the highest ranking insignia.
The travel was silent, as relations are still cold, but the Ministerial building did its impression.
The meeting saw the Superintendent and the Military HoS discuss recent and long lasting events. After a fast photographic shot for the newspapers and Journal tlvis. But due to internal affair, the HoS had to run back.
meeting conclusions: partition of the new found island; nin-aggression pact for the next 30 years; withdrawal of our troops from the training near SorcererKingdom waters, and mentioned nation promise to do the same in the future; the Commonwealth recognise the imperialism as "non aggressive to the stability and sovereignty of the nation".

The Burgerverein of Clockwork Lands
Immanuel von Zeppelin arrived in a slightly rough and worn suit, which nevertheless looks clean and well-groomed. The suit consists of a dark brown vest and trousers, contrasting with a starched shirt. A bronze chain leads to the watch in the vest pocket. Black shoes shine under the rays of the sun. Although the Zeppelin does not need a cane, he brought with him a lacquered cane with a bronze knob. The words "En la nomo de la popolo" are engraved on the cane with the same metal. The Chairman's attention was attracted by the beautiful flowers in the "Garden of Unity". It seems that only something important can distract him from them.
The meeting went perfectly, whith even jokes exchange, while some people outside cherished, and Journal tlvis troupes were able to take more photos than with the previous meeting.
meeting conclusions: CLC act enabled, with student exchange programs for an unlimited period, and teachers/professors up to one school year.Clockwork Lands is planning to create cooperation programs in the scientific field as well open an Allied Research Center in the city of Fossea. In return, we will give access to your technologies in the processing industry. Stakkata heavy industries will build a steel mill in Clockwork Lands. We will approve the "Shaman act": the Commonwealth won't stand by a side that pose a threat to Clockwork Lands. In exchange, we ask to not impose sanctions if the position we take and yours could be confrontational. of course, if one of the two nations is threaten, the Shaman act will be outclass by the the contract n3. In order to also improve the military aspect, we are building one Magellanic class that will be sent to Clockwork Lands navy. Regarding ENEA, a Bank insitute will be implemented, and will take 0,5% of the total GDP, to use in case fo emergency.

The Kliencic Republic of Yarumab-Corriopankt
The meeting was switched, under unknown causes, to Yarumab-Corriopankt. The Superintendent arrived and met for the first time Aelita Haafrr. There, the meeting started, but it was never concluded, and the Superintendent returned dejected, as the visit of Willsbourou was directly cancelled.
meeting conclusions: during the whole meeting, no actual contract, pact or any other form of agreement has been signed. Chancellor of foreign affairs Vivienne Lafayette said "the meeting was probably not prepared efficiently enough, nor organised in a proper way, but we will organise another one when the time will be right". Only factual assumption is that Yarumab-Corriopankt does not pose a threat to the Commonwealth sovereignty. Nonetheless, the relation are colder, both from a government and a population aspect.

The People's Xunta of Kallanistan People s Republic
Hkāи Fjняяssи arrives at the International Airport of Willsbourou "Alvand" aboard the Airbus A350-1000 presidential plane "Kvтэк" unaccompanied except for the 3 bodyguards, he arrives wearing a black military uniform with insignia of senior officials and high black boots.
The ride isn't long, approximately 20 minutes.
The Ministerial offices, a dark blue/grey building, 53 meters tall, bot much, compared to the 450 meters length. The visit starts, showing the symmetry of everything.
After the visit and after crossing "unity garden", place where the Commonwealth creation was signed more than 300 years ago. After all this, Commonwealth Superintendent Heaven Gaffman is presented.
The meeting went really smooth, even with deep discussion regarding past and following events. The Journal tlvis captured various pieces of discussion, like Hkāи statement "first of all we are very proud of our relations".
meeting results: KC program approved, with students/professors exchange exchange. Under an economic aspect, the Soft-deal: Cromreland will provide with 70% more agricolural goods to Kallanistan, in exchange for the construction of a new factory of the Stakkata H.I. in your territory. This will allow both help to agricoltural aspect, and newborn heavy industry.

1. Recognizing that the islands have always been a great source of resources that Kallanistan has never needed in such large quantities, allows Cromreland;

1'1. Mining, hunting, collecting, etc... 50% of the archipelago's resources within a period of 200 years, these actions are not allowed if they entail the destruction of the habitat, the extinction of species, endangering natural or artificial structures and / or excessive pollution.

2. Knowing that there are some uninhabited islands and/or have scientific interest, Cromreland is allowed;

2'1. Carry out experiments and tests, establish research centers, collect samples from the islands, in general actions with a scientific interest/purpose that do not entail the destruction of the habitat, the extinction of species, endangering natural or artificial structures and/or pollution excessive.

3. Knowing that there are some uninhabited islands and/or they have land to test, Cromreland is allowed;

3'1. Carry out military training in the air/water/terrain of these islands, with soldiers, ships, bombers, fighters, etc...
It is also allowed to test weapons, WMD's, ballistic missiles, etc...
Although, it is only allowed on these islands:
Куnjē , Йцēиřva , Бзхva

Under a difensive aspect, pact composed of 3 alert levels (x nation meaning Cromreland/Kallanistan): indirect threats, such as "we must take over x nation", "we must end x nation"; level 2 by direct threats, such as military training near x nation, militaristic intervensionism near x border; attack, where x nation enter the war status. If one of this level is enacted by one of us, the other has to intervene in the best way possible.

1. By signing the treaty Cromreland and Kallanistan and all puppet countries/nations/governments dependent on one of the two parties signing the treaty, promise;

1'1. Defend the other side in every possible way, (the use of nuclear weapons is not allowed)

1'2. That if it is necessary and possible for one side, they should finance as much as possible in case the other side is attacked


2. By signing the treaty Cromreland and Kallanistan and all puppet countries/nations/governments dependent on one of the two sides signing the treaty, allow the other side;

2'1a. That the other side's army/fleet may cross the other side's territory and waters without special consent, except when...

2'1b. When one of the sides asks the other side for consent so that the army/fleet of the other side can cross through its territory, or when the territories through which they are going to cross are in quarantine or there are movement restrictions.

2'2a. That an army or fleet of one of the sides may remain in the territory of the other side for an indefinite period of time and without special permission, except when...

2'2b. When one of the sides requires the other side's consent so that the other side's army/fleet can remain in their territory, or when the territories where they are going to stay are in quarantine or there are movement restrictions.



1. By signing the cooperation treaty Cromreland and Kallanistan and all puppet countries/nations/governments dependent on one of the two parties signing the treaty, (must and) can;

1'1. Open its borders and that the inhabitants of both sides can cross the border presenting only their passport.

1'2. Establish trade routes and transport goods and people by flights and ships, that is, both sides will receive flights and ships of goods or passengers from the other side's nation.

1'3. Solicit workers from the other side for help with construction projects.

1'4a. Request funding and/or help in the investigation of...

1'4b. space, industry, transport, health, etc...

1'5a. That inhabitants of x side can apply for citizenship in the other side, having the rights of...

1'5b. Migrate to the other side when you want and as much as you want by presenting only your passport, right to work, housing, food, request your citizenship, open your own business, study, etc...

1'6. Every inhabitant who migrates to the other side must comply with the laws of the other side, no matter where he comes from... example;
If regulated drug use is legal on one side but not on the other, if you migrate and carry drugs, you should not be detained, you only need to present your passport to clarify the differences in the laws.

Also, the Commonwealth take the same stance as Kallanistan People s Republic regarding New Yarumab: after a new parliamentary vote, concluded with 198 in favour, New Yarumab is not anymore recognised as a sovreign state, due to "reavaluation regarding the seccession motivation and possible connection with the Yomari goverment".
The Commonwealth proposes its biggest military program: the Brotherhood defence. This program aims are not only to strengthen the nour armies and capabilities, but also to learn new military tactics and technologies and bring our soldiers to a new level of cooperation. Training includes: winter training in Kallanistan, autumn and ofg.condition on Cromreland, naval and aerial combact, test of each army armaments.