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The XKI Cup JANUARY 2023

Yes sir! XKI is have the xki cup! The original xki cup was on June of 2022. But I don't know what happened to that one.
A max of 16 nations can join the cup. Just like the FIFA wc, it will have a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, and finally the winner!
The cup will be held in New Athanus, Minata of course. next month it will be someone else.
The matches is going to be decide by AI. has a variety of clubs and nations.
To make it fair, for each match I will set in Germany s. Belgium. That will make it harder, and fairer and not like Qatar vs Germany.
Of course, there's rules.

[b]1. DO NOT take any athletic drugs before matches! Don't be Russia from the Olympics!
2. Obviously, max of 11 members of your team.
3. Be Messi
4. have fun! [/b][size=50]and wreck people out[/size]

See you at the cup!
[nation]United Viland[/nation]
[nation]Harjanika[/nation] (Star Republic)
[nation]Manuelian Empire[/nation]
[nation]Cafu and Malaguay[/nation]
[nation]West minata[/nation]
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