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Mertagnian Hosting Overview

Hello, it's me, "light green country whose picture has the middle letter drawn in white stars on it". I am writing this message to tell you about events I have put together. As a way to make it interesting, I will only be using the ten hundred words that people use most often, Linkas decided by a certain book written by a person that does funny drawings you can look at with a computer.

I'll be breaking the law of this a bit by calling a game with kicking in it football, using one word instead of two. I will also be using numbers. I think that it is still close enough to the laws of the way to make it interesting, and I hope that it actually is interesting to read. So, without being more late, here we go:

"Light green country whose picture has the middle letter drawn in white stars on it" is a good runner of games. I know how to press the right keys on the computer to make the game go right, and have done that for games on this computer page for many years. A long time ago, I had a different name, and I helped run the 66th event of the football World Cup with a country whose picture sometimes has a black animal that in real life sometimes has a ring on its nose (Audioslavia). That was a great time for me and I had a lot of fun.

I then decided to become Green Country whose picture has the middle letter drawn in white stars on it. I took a long break from this computer page, but came back because I wanted to and some brothers had made a new house to live in. I decided to get back into running games and ran the 78th Water-sitting of Fire, which is a game for countries that are new to this computer page's football World Cup. I helped run that with a country that isn't a country that has lots of heavy metal and fire in it (Farfadillis). Here I found that I liked talking about things that would happen around the game along with telling people which team won the game. I decided that I would like to run that event more often.

On the other side of that football World Cup, the 91st one, I also ran the 83rd Cup of Friends, which is a game for countries that did not make it to the last full stage of the World Cup. This was done with a country that has a gold bird on its picture, but not the one with the black, blue-red, and white lines across - the one with the red, black, AND blue lines across (Tumbra). The first of those two countries lives next door to my country, but the second of those two was on my team to run the game. Together we ran a great game that a lot of people enjoyed playing in.

I then decided to run the next Water-sitting of Fire, the 79th one, with the country that is known for having people that know a lot of things run the country for everyone else. Their picture is green and blue and has a yellow cross (Ko-oren). At the time of writing they are the country that everyone has said is the best in the house of brothers, as well as in the team of football teams. They are a very good runner of games and I learned a lot again from running a game with them.

My next two football game runnings were done on my own. The first of these was the 5th running of the special game only for people that live in the map of brothers, which was special because everyone got to help pick how it was run. That was hard, but everyone was nice in what they picked for me, so it went better than I thought it would. The next time was right after that one, with the 80th Water-sitting of Fire. This event was special as a football World Cup had just happened in real life, and so a lot of people wanted to take part. This was in my thoughts the event I liked most to run yet.

I'm good not only at running football games. I've also done other games, but those happened longer ago. I'd love to do some different games that aren't just football in the future.

I'm also good at reading and writing things on this computer page, having done so for several years. I think this makes me good at deciding how many hidden points people should get when they show me their writing for a game.

I'm always looking for more countries to help me run games. If you'd like to put together a special letter to win the right to run a game with me, please send me a message on this computer page or another way and let me know.

The Nation of Mertagne