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A new decade, a new constitution!

Today Kantrias has entered into a new era, having passed a new constitution to kick off our second decade of existence. The constitution passed by a vote of 12-1, and in that vote I can feel the energy of the region. The optimism and hope for what is to come. The enthusiasm to kick off a new age, and the beginning of new friendships. I am greatly looking forward to this new era, and to getting to know every new member of the Kantrias family.

The region has once again voted to be a monarchy, continuing some of the cultural legacy of the region. I take my role as King seriously, and I will do what I can to not let you down. The role of monarchy is much diminished in this era, although it serves in important bridge while the region rebuilds it's laws to design how important institutions will function. Beyond that, the monarchy is a symbol of the region, and I shall do my utmost to make sure that symbol is one of unity, of warmth, and of support.

The bulk of the duties the monarch held in Kantrias' earliest years is now held by a new elected position, the Secretary General (SecGen). This role will be able to issue decrees to shape how the region is run, and is expected to run our Ministries. These ministries shape the main concerns of the SecGen. The Interior Ministry, for the region's need to recruit new members, and help show them the ropes. The Culture Ministry, to create fun activities, games, and events for the region. The Foreign Ministry, for our desire to reach out into the wider world and create new alliances. The SecGen is not alone in these responsibilities however, as they will have a Minister over each of these Ministries, to make sure they are functioning, and help get things done.

As much power as the SecGen holds over the region, it does not diminish the power the citizens of Kantrias have over the region. Every one of you with your nation in the Commonwealth of Kantrias is a citizen, and as a citizen you have a seat on the Violet Assembly. This body will be in charge of writing the laws of the region, and is also granted the power to recall the Monarch or SecGen should they no longer be acting in the best interests of the region. I expect this to be an active institution, keeping the region a dynamic one and building us back up into the great region of law we have always aimed to be.

If you have not seen the new constitution, Linkit will always be available at this link

I also want to recognize those who voted for the new constitution. As King I currently do not have the power to officially create titles, or orders of honour, but in my heart you are all charter members of the Commonwealth of Kantrias.

Valfor, BloomFairy, Camp Hebron, Terra Inferiori Reliquere, Great Apathonia, Jeeves Land, Ventruela, Oandlig Fred, Anarchist Hungary, RZ trade union, and The Drama Armada.

I am proud of the region I see before me, and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together.

For the Gavel and Sword!

King Caldemar Leutria Quilor.

The Kingdom of Leutria