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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2023-01-23

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

January 23, 2023
Vice Delegate's Report

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the second episode of the Vice Delegate's Report. This episode is sponsored by [redacted]. As usual, the transition is on the top of the agenda. Hulldom has gradually been pulling out a gap over Pallaith, a difficult task while WA numbers are still declining, although at 20 it's still too close for comfort. Meanwhile, I have been gaining and am close to overtaking all non-Security Council nations, which should happen in a few days. That said, there's still quite a gap - over 100, in fact - between the most-endorsed non-Security Councillor nation, and the least-endorsed Security Councillor, so there's still a lot of ground to cover.

In terms of actions, Hulldom and I have both sent personally-written telegrams to nations not yet endorsing us, and I have also sent out dispatch alerts for both of us just a few hours ago as they have already been receiving a few telegrams recently. I will probably continue alternating telegram and dispatch alerts on a twice weekly basis from now on, and explore further options and incentives as I get closer to second place.

As always, please make sure you have endorsed Hulldom and myself. I trust most if not all of the people reading this would have already, but it doesn't hurt to check if you're not sure.

Other than the transition, here are some other topics you might be interested in:

WA Numbers

The decline in WA nations continued this past week, which has of course also caused Security Council endorsement counts to drop. However, there is cause for optimism as daily numbers show that numbers have begun growing again in the latter part of the week. Fingers crossed that this trend will continue and signal the start of a recovery. In better news, the number of Keepers is recovering, probably primarily because of my gain in endorsements. I look forward to seeing that number continue to rise.


I have begun looking through old threads that are currently stored out of sight pending review for compliance with updated FOIA laws. There have been some internal discussions on redactions, but you should be able to see some of them released soon.

Other Security Council matters

The vote has begun on Hulldom's application, and it will finish in two days at most. The Security Council will then proceed to prepare a statement on the applicant, as is now standard practice.

Closing thoughts

A combination of work, illness and Lunar New Year plans have held me back somewhat this week in terms of what I was able to do. I hope I'll be able to bring you more news next week.


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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.