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End of Operation Majapahit


[b][color=#b82d2d][size=250]✯Islamic States destroyed in rousing success of Operation Majapahit!✯[/size][/color]

[color=#334759][size=150]Historic operation comes to a close with 3 acquisitions and one of the largest counter-invasions ever![/size][/color]

[size=125][url=][color=#b82d2d]IS Invasion Report[/color][/url] [color=#334759]|[/color] [url=][color=#b82d2d]TII Refound Report[/color][/url] [color=#334759]|[/color] [url=][color=#b82d2d]IDP Refound Report[/color][/url][/size][/b][/align]

[quote="Wayneactia";p="40258460"]So the occupying force plans on sitting there for the next three or four months gaining influence to actually password the region? Good to know….[/quote]

[align=center][One Week Later][/align]

[quote="Islamic States Regional Happenings"]1/22/2023, 9:31:28 PM EST: Rhaza password-protected Islamic States.[/quote]

[b]Operation Majapahit[/b] set out to destroy the web of possessions established by the raider Islamic States through the year in the aftermath of Al-Jawi's puppetsweep for mass cheating with multiple WA nations. A former [url=][color=#334759]member of the invader jump point Suspicious[/color][/url], Islamic States has been a reliable supporter of destructive operations for nearly a year, using their home region and multiple client outposts to advance invading, even with limited success.

Throughout this operation The League's Defense Forces has accomplished two refounds and led one of the largest counter-invasions in history (peaking at ~120 endorsements), with 56 members of The League and Concord participating in the invasion of Islamic States between the initial jump and the following pile. These numbers are insane and demonstrate intense power on the part of The League and Concord to mobilize its community, and we're happy to recognize all who participated. 

Numerous individuals ranked up because of or during the time-span of this operation, including Minutemen Ecalpa and Kanjuura, as well as newly minted Cannoneers Anjan Kloss and Bladium. We have some other upcoming projects to recognize members and advertise the benefits of LDF membership, and we look forward to releasing those in due time.

So now, two refounds, a raid, and two Security Council resolutions later, Islamic States is destroyed and under the permanent control of the LDF, as are multiple further possessions. Thank you to our allies and partners in The Order of the Grey Wardens, 10000 Islands, the Europeian Republican Navy, The Mystical Guard, Declansburg's Evergreen Battalion, The Union of Democratic States Armed Forces, and any relevant mercenaries for their critical support in this operation. 

Without further delay, we are happy to award the following recognition and associated medals:

[align=center][b][color=#b82d2d]Major 01-16-2023: Islamic States Invasion[/color][/b]

[i]Click Image for Full Size[/i]

Consul Quebecshire
General New Makasta
Colonel DinoNet 
Colonel Raziel
Lieutenant Icaris
Flagbearer Iandrul
Flagbearer Paleocacher
Flagbearer Zjaum
Flagbearer Zloveshchiy
Cannoneer East Yourtanad
Cannoneer Gjorka
Cannoneer New San Antonio
Cannoneer Svedonia
Minuteman Anjan Kloss
Minuteman Ecalpa
Minuteman Kanjuura
Volunteer Alinata
Volunteer Wealthphalia
Volunteer Yixius

[b][color=#b82d2d]01-16-2023 through 01-22-2023: Islamic States Reinforcements[/color][/b]

[i]Click Image for Full Size[/i]

Cannoneer Ajakanistan
Cannoneer Ikania
Cannoneer Jack Empire
Cannoneer Preskovia
Cannoneer TKae City
Cannoneer Tirol
Cannoneer The Universe World
Minuteman Angvar
Minuteman Bladium
Minuteman Chiendra
Minuteman Das Caliphate
Minuteman Eleutherios
Minuteman Karimun Jawa
Minuteman Mediternia
Minuteman Monsilva
Minuteman Prumerica
Minuteman Super Top
Minuteman Styphonia
Eagle Militia Fujikuni
Eagle Militia Libertia
Eagle Militia New Warhaven
Eagle Militia 0cala
Eagle Militia Triangopolis
Eagle Militia Tumland
General (Ret.) Andrew Du
Volunteer Akvarelusus the Great
Volunteer Baltanla
Volunteer Fomi
Volunteer Hazbin Demons
Volunteer Jarenova
Volunteer Pavulturilor
Volunteer Montcrabe
Volunteer Mittergle
Volunteer Reykanes
Volunteer Sentiaordia
Volunteer Starkiller2

[b][color=#b82d2d]Minor 01-10-2023: Tentara Islam Indonesia Refound[/color][/b]

[i]Click Image for Full Size[/i]

Consul Quebecshire
Cannoneer Svedonia
Minuteman Anjan Kloss
Minuteman Mediternia
WA Delegate Mechanocracy
Vice-Delegate Council of Feathers

[b][color=#b82d2d]Major 01-16-2023: Islamic Defense Pact Refound[/color][/b]

[i]Click Image for Full Size[/i]

Consul Quebecshire
Colonel Raziel
Minuteman Kanjuura
Minuteman Styphonia

[b][color=#b82d2d]Operation Majapahit Foreign Appreciation[/color][/b]

Below is a list of foreign officers/leaders (non-exhaustive) we'd like to thank for their contributions to joint operational leadership in the past week.

First Warden Grea Kriopia
Warden-Constable Matthew
Warden-Constable Varax
Field Commander Kanta Häme
Technical Liaison Kortexia
Fmr. President Icarus
Grand Admiral Cove
Captain Kuramia
Guard Commandant Wolflandil
President Phoenix

[i]Medals produced by [nation]The republic of hawk[/nation] based on designs by [nation]Moorland[/nation].[/i]

[color=#b82d2d][b]✯ The League's Defense Forces Command ✯[/b][/color]
[color=#334759]Consul Quebecshire
General New Makasta
Colonel DinoNet
Colonel Raziel
Lieutenant Icaris[/color][/align]