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Czeckiland's Page

The Kingdom of Czeckiland
Czeckish: J'e Reitch ůf Chequilen
Hispanian: Ol Reino de Chequiterra
Bergalic: Ai Csekiföldo Kuningaskunta

HD Render of The National Flag

HD Render of The Military Flag

HD Render of The Coat of Arms


Founded in:


Military Founded in:


Preceded by:

The Federation of the Czecki's, Hispans & Bergalies


Czeckish, Hispanian & Bergalic


Eng: Long Live Love


Charlj Rekso The I


The Nation of Czeckiland is made up of 9 Constituency & 5 Territories (7 Constituency, 2 Autonomous Constituency, 3 Autonomous Territories & 2 Unincorpeporated Autonomous Territories) Czeckiland Has Three Official Languages Czeckish, Hispanian & Bergalic & Some Regional one's, Bulkic, Nysha, Burga, Kakuru & Narskish

Constitencies & Territories

Names:[English, Czeckish, Hispanian, Bergalic]
Kakashi Plane/Kakashi-Kaire/Kakashizo Avió/Kakashi
Kukuri & Pilizia/Kukuri e Pilizie/Cucuria ia Pilzia/Kukuria lun Pilzia
Upper Kariland/Altosko-Karilen/Alta Carilŕndia/Fels Kariföldo
Lower Kariland/Bayisko-Karilen/Baixa Carilŕndia/Als Kariföldo
Narski Republic/Revlupliski Narska/República de Narski/Narski Koztársasog
North Jade/Nordsko-Jade/Nord Yade/Ezk Jade
South Jade/Surdsko-Jade/Sud Yade/Del Jade


The Modern "State" of Czeckiland was formed in 1200 Called "The Czecki Kingdom" (J'e Cheski Reitch), A Federal Kingdom which was founed by the kingdom of Kampu (now Kampuski), Kairi (now Kakashi-Kairi) & Nysaska with Nysaska being kick out in about 1249-1253 with it Becoming the Nysaska Gariga (Gariya ůf Naisasko), in 1695 the Pact of Geyülůgév (ɡ'a͡ɪ:uhl'uu:ɡ'o'ev) was signed a treaty that would fully go in effect in 24 of May, 1698 in the Czecki Kingdom, the Republic of Hispania (al República de Jispania) & the Grand Union of the Bergal (Ai Folyó Bergálzo Nagysület) to make The Federaton of the Czecki's, Hispans & Bergalies (CH: Ja Federazie Cheskies, Gispŕnish e Bergalski,HP: Al Federación de Cheskis , Jispanos e Bergalos, BGL: Ai Csek, Spanyolok és Bergálok Szövetsége), in 1709 Nysaska Joining back in under the Czecki Region, in 1790 the F.C.H.B Changed its name to "the Kingdom of Czeckiland" do to the Czecki Region becoming a Powerhouse, in 1806 the Narski Kingdom (now a Republic) and the Burga Commenwealth Joined (in that order), in 08/7/1835 the Czecki-kukurian war Started do to a border clash with a Czeckish Victory with kukuriland becoming Kukuri Constitency, A military Junta against the Govermant in Czeckiland City, in 1841 the Geshesk' ůf Cheski-tudaga (the genocide of all Czecki's) Started by the Kukuri free front (Kߚ卄ߚ卅丅ߚm ⼯丅∆e卅ߚm ᙁ‡ᙉe) it ended up killing 25,830 Czeckish, 8,900 Hispanians, 8,000 Pro-Czeckiland Kukuries the K.F.F HQ raided by the Military, all Members were killed non jailed, according to a Soldier "We all agreed to kill them all do to they acted like monsters, no such evil should existed or existed, it was just a blood bath id there was children they weren't killed but taken a way, I think it was the best way to do it,
I fell sorry for those Boys and Girls but it was a good for all in this land." all new Constitencies & Territories would try to make it so this wouldn't happened again, with a 76% success rate, in 1850 The State of Pilizia Applied to join & joined in 1852, then in 1854 both Kukuri & Pilizia were united as one Constitency, in 1878 the hangula of kariland got Couped and Czeckiland annexed the State and Slip it in two (Upper & Lower), in 1856 the Nation of Jade was annexed and slip North & South with Haiyaland Joining in 1900 with Saint Maria and The Lucy Island becoming a Autonomous Constitency in 1912 with independence being given in 1954.

The Empire

The Empire of Czeckiland (not a official name) was made up of the now nations of The nation of hanlisia, The state of los altos nuevos(at the time slip into New Hispania & Islamistan), The islands of the commonwealth of saint maria and the lucy island, The union of slavonian state(The Slavinian Dominion) & The queendom of the union of dutchiland with the pack of Unity making all of the nations and Dominion were under Czeckiland City control in 1903 and ending in 1989 with full self Rule for all Now Nations all getting Legal and Defacto independence.

The Languages

The Official Languages of Czeckiland are Czeckish(Chequi/CH), Hispanian(Jispano/HP) & Bergalic(Bergaloko/BGL), with Bulkic(Bulquica/Bu), Nysha(Nugrhu/Ny), Burga(Burski/BG), Kakuru(Kߚ卄ߚxx`卅丅ߚm⼯丅‡պ/Kukurium Ling/KL) & Narskish(Narske/NR) as Regional Languages, with Czeckish, Narskish & Nysha from the Klukic Language Family, Bergalic & Burga from the Grekos Language Family, Hispanian & Bulkic from the Vakilic Language Family and kukuri from the Kukuriumic Language family, with all but Grekos Languages from the Ariski-Chelian Language Family with The Grekos Languages from the Magyo-urdo Language Family, With Kakuri having it's own alphabet (ᙁ [A] ∆[B] ʅ[C] 㕕[D] e f պ[G] ₸[H] 丅 j 卄[K] ⼯[N] m ‡[N] ܜ [O] ߂ [P] ܛ [Q] 卅[R] ਠ[S] ᙉ[T] ߚ [U] ᓑ[V] ᐜ[W] x y z) with latin letters to finish the alphabet, with all other languages using the latin alphabet.

Language Map

Languages of Czeckiland in 2022

The LGBT Laws

The Czeckish People Through History have been very open to all mayor of the LGBTQ Community, Gay Marriage has been fully legal in Czeckiland since its founding with laws banning all type of racism against it with transgenderism being seen as a great thing as your seen with the tittle of "novjzie"(n,ovi:zˈi'e) which means something like "New Gender/wrong Sex Birth", With Homosexuality and Bisexuality seen as a "love is love" Concept and All of LGBTQA+ Community seen as just people just like a heterosexual "they're just people just like us and We're just like them" President of Haiyaland Reljuita Reshinega Fleske in 1997

Academies & Universities

List of Universities, Academies & Colleges
The University of Czeckiland City [CH:J'e Koskolerjti ůf Kailusko-Chequilen]
The Academy of Helenica [CH:Ja Akadekj ůf Helenika,HP:Ai Academia de Jispania]
The University of Kampuski [CH:J'e Koskoleriyi ůf Kampusjsko]
The International Academic Union of Kejiumuar [NR:Amisnif Gfurhfio Keiiumuai Ruienswir]
The College of Kalibaiuy [CH:Ja Koskolerjti ůf Kalibaiuj]
The State University of Bulkiland [BU:Unvkiklujoya Eštamatgh Belkiard]
The River University [BGL:Ai River Egyetem]
The 3th Commonwealth's University [CH:J'e Komunicio'ifo Unirlakjti]

Greetings & Q&A's

List of Order: [Language]: [Native Lang] (English Translation) [Literal meaning]
Czeckish: Aisk, Chio etsk' Vujne isch Kaisk'? (Hello, What is Your Name?) [Hello, What is You're current Title/Name]
Bergalic: Szy, Ug a Nawe (Hello, What's Your Name?) [Hello, What's Your Name]
Hispanian: Aisk, calu és o Vu Kays (Hello, Your Name?) [Hello, What Do you Call Yourself]
Bulkic: Chin, us est Lu Kays (Hello, What is Your Name?) [Hello What is The Name of Your's]
Nysha: Aiskoe, ĉjo ecko Vg isĉ Kajskj? (Hello, What is Your Name) [Hello, What is Your Name]
Kakuri: ܜߚܛ㕕 ਠ丅ᙉ ‡ܛ‡ ᙉߚߚm ਠᙁ⼯ᓑ?/Quod sit non tuum salv? (Hello, What is Your Name?)
Narskish:Aisk, Chio ec[ets] Vui ich Kaysku? (Hello, what is your name?)