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Unicornball: Rules

1.You may not throw the ball at another player's head, chest, or privates.

2.You may not tackle the Goalie.

3.You may tackle Throwers.

4.You may not tackle the Ref.

5.You may not swear on the field.

6.You may not insult the Coach.

7.You may not argue with other players on the field.

8.Other players may not intervene with penalty shots.

9.You may not make any offensive signs on the field.

10.You may only touch the ball with your chest and heads.

11.You may only use your hands or legs in penalty shots.

12.You may not bring non-players into the dressing room or onto the field.

13.You may only bring non-players in these locations if permission is given by the coach.

14.Non-players may not insult or make rude signs at the players.

15.Non-players may not put on a team uniform or touch the ball unless the coach gives them permission.

16.The ball is not allowed to be modified by the players or any non-players

17.There must be at least 16 players on a team.

18.There must be 8 players active on the field. 

19.If there are less than 16 players on a team, the team is not allowed to play until they get at least 16 players.

20.If there are less then 8 players on the field, the game is postponed until they can get 8 players on the field.