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The Flag Parade

The Votes

The Results

The Flag Parade

NB: Nations which were disqualified for not voting are excluded.

The Votes

Now, will Queen reclaim victory after its streak of victories was broken last edition? Or will the classic music of the Beatles win? Or will David Bowie gain his first victory in the history of TNPVision? All is up to the juries to decide now. So, let's see the current scoreboard, with all the votes processed...

We begin at final, 20th place, with 10 points, with ...

Quiet applause is heard from the Vieinians.

Next, at 19th place, with 16 points, we have...


A slightly louder applause is heard from Maurnindaians.

Next, at 18th place, with 20 points, we have...

Greater Portugaliza

Applause at a reasonable volume is heard from Portugalizans.

At 17th place, with 28 points, is...

Nordic-British Union

Nord-Brit Unionians applaud loudly.

Now, with 30 points, we have...


Carrelians applaud enthusiastically.

And with 31 points, at 15th place, comes...


Osheigans applaud very enthusiastically.

Now, with 35 points, at 14th place, comes...


Laforeians applaud and stand up to cheer.

At 13th place, with 36 points, is...

Republica Guilleana

Guilleanans applaud and stand up to enthusiastically cheer.

Now, with 50 points already at 12th place, we have...


Izernians applaud and stand up to compellingly cheer.

And at 11th place, with 55 points, comes...

The Atlantica

Atlanticans very loudly cheer and applaud.

Now, we enter the top ten, starting with...


Applause comes from the entire stadium -- but especially Treekidistanians.

And with 59 points, at 9th place, we have...


Reasonable applause comes from the entire stadium -- but especially Ethnonians.

Now, with 61 points, at 8th place, is...


Loud applause comes from the entire stadium -- but especially Wranglerians.

And with 66 points, at 7th place, is...

Anne of Cleves in TNP

The stadium erupts in very loud applause.

At 6th place, having won 73 points, comes...

Cokoland in TNP

The stadium erupts in compelling applause.

Now, we enter the top five, beginning at 84 points with...

Nikolaias BUT In A Different Region

Most of the stadium stands up to loudly cheer.

And at fourth place, with 85 points, comes...

Magecastle Embassy Building A5

Most of the stadium continues to cheer, but louder.

Now, with 89 points at 3rd place is...

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

The squeaks of hamsters almost smothers the extremely loud applause and cheering.

And at runner-up, now with 105 points, we have...


The applause and cheering is now deafening.

And finally, with an incredible 138 points, please congratulate the winner of the 33rd edition of TNPVision...


A small earthquake erupts in the city overground due to the applause and cheering in the stadium.

I would like to wish good luck to the winner as host of the next edition of TNPVision.

Hosted by: Alexander Nicholas Saverchenko-Colleti
Graphics: The Rhein States, Magecastle Embassy Building A5
BBCode Theft Victim: Wrangleria