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Obets/Lettonia for RP Delegate January 2022

I have been RP Delegate for the past 6 months, and one thing I've noticed is that the RP is so incredibly dead. We need a reform, a major reform, and Meridionalis Lettonia, my Deputy, and I have just the solutions. By electing us, we will transition this region to LinkIIWiki, NationState's own Wiki. Why? There are many reasons, detailed below. We also want to enact "Realism Redefined", which will make the RP more realistic and fun.

The IIWiki Transition

We want this RP to be more friendly to worldbuilding and lore-making, and NationStates dispatches aren't to good at that. They're messy, disorganized, and BBCode is just trash. I want a neat and organized way of storing information and expanding Diyar. With an IIWiki system, we will set up a Wikipedia-style page about Diyar. From that, we can branch out and make pages about international statistics, events, and most importantly, your own nations. Here are examples of the footers attached to every article about Ajax and Eurth, two well-developed RP regions, to give you a hint of what this idea can become:

Look at that, so much information so neatly organized. Beforehand, an FNR resident could only dream of this level of worldbuilding. But we can create exactly this.

More Reasons to Use IIWiki

  1. It's sooooooooo easy to use. And all you have to do is create an account. It's much easier to code a Wiki article on this site than it is to use BBCode, and it only takes about half a day to get the basics down. If you do something wrong, the preview will actually tell you what you did wrong. And if you release an article, there isn't a 50/50 chance that it won't work like with NS dispatches. And when re-elected, we will create a guide on how to use the code.

  2. Anybody can edit. This may sound bad, but when storing international statistics, this will be much more efficient than employing someone to edit everything, like we do now. Wait no longer for your nation to be added to a statistic, because under IIWiki, you can just add it yourself. We will also create rules so that tampering with other people's personal articles about their own nations will have consequences.

  3. It's very interconnected. Unlike NationStates, this site was designed for storing information. The way the site is set up allows for you to go between any few articles with just a few clicks. And if you can't do that, you can just search for an article, unlike dispatches where you have to visit individual nations and pray that they have something cool. You can also link to actual Wikipedia articles instead of assuming people know what you're saying.

  4. It just looks cool. In our opinion, the compact and cleaner look of Wikipedia-style articles triumphs over these store-brand BBCode articles. Plus, it automatically creates a table of contents. Here are examples of what I've created so far:


This Requires Commitment

Obviously, this is a very ambitious task, and it requires your work and cooperation. The transition will not happen overnight, in fact it may even take longer than this one term. And in the process, you will most likely find yourself having to learn how to use the site. But it will all be worth it, trust us.

Don't Fret, The RP Will (Mostly) Work as It Used to

Despite this transition, you will still post on the RMB, and we will still store OOC Information and Guides in Dispatches. But one think IIWiki addresses is that some people just want to worldbuild, and we are fine with that. We will make a rule that releasing a Wiki article counts as a post. There will also probably be a lot of changes to the application, including rules that new players will have to make a Wiki.

Other Agenda Items

Along with the IIWiki transition, we will enact "Realism Redefined"policies. The RP prides itself on its realism, at least being quite possibly the most realistic nation roleplay on a fictionalized map setting, however, there are a lot of flaws to our RP here that really damage that reputation-or rather that claim. We seek to rectify those issues by introducing a few neat features that I really think would increase player activity, desired participation, and overall enjoyment. We hope to at least get the ball rolling, and get these ideas established, and have them take root.

  1. Character RP Maintenance. Pretty self explanatory.

  2. Dispatch cleaning. We will delete dispatches with IC information and move them to the IIWiki, and just reorganize the dispatch system

  3. New Ruleset changes. We will fix up Weatherwand's January Ruleset changes to include what needs to happen in order to switch to IIWiki, and the following policies.

  4. The consent rule. Isn't it odd that that there seems to be zero spying or espionage within the RP? That's because there is none, despite several nations having established intelligence agencies (Such as the Russian OKB and Verdeuan Intelligence Agency and Lettonian Frumentarii). Why is this? Well, the consent rules dictate that no nation can spy on or conduct espionage on a foreign nation without their consent. Yep, you need consent to perform espionage. How does that make any sense? Spying is not consensual, that's why its done. Who exactly is going to agree to be spied on by another nation if they have the choice? Exactly, nobody, and that is exactly what we see. Is it realistic that there is no intelligence gathering, no spying, and no espionage? No! So, we seek to change that by implementing a system where nations that have existing intelligence agencies (which let's be honest, most should) can plant agents in foreign nations, gather information, or do some destabilization. That latter part would only be done with the consent of the player, and of course, if it makes logical sense, and therefore is sanctioned by RP moderators.

  5. The Rule of Neutral Secondaries. So while this rule was good in theory, it is just too limiting for some players, myself included. Depending on lore, it would make realistic sense for some secondaries to be close or friendly with the players main nation, but yet, this unclear rule confines us. Essentially, secondaries and primaries are forced to keep each other at arms length not because of lore, or IC character logic, but because of OOC rules that really wouldn't make much sense in the IC world. I would like to revise this rule, so that it can be a little more interpretive, and a little more loose in authority. Because all nations have the right to be friendly to one another, and OOC rules shouldn't deny that. The alliances may be allowed if they make logical sense. Like with annexations, these primary-secondary alliances would be approved or denied on a case by case basis by RP Moderation. An example is provided below:

    Fakhal and Nohol: Denied, because there is no shared lore or sensibility behind it.
    Dongerland and Yeezyland: Maybe? Seem to have the shared and logic behind it.
    Varduvan and Dierward or Hakha and Dierward: Denied, because why?
    Lettonia and Tennemagma: Most likely, because they have the lore and history to back it up.

  6. Annexation rules. This needs to be tightened. Simple as that. Nations should not be allowed to annex entire nations, small or large, because nations and people don't exactly like the idea of giving up their democracy, independence, or freedom. Or, if an annexation is to go through, the annexing nation needs to deal with a hell of a lot of resistance to occupation, for the reasons mentioned above.

  7. IC Events. So, this is by far the one we are most excited about! We see this as a way to churn up activity, build up the support amongst the playerbase IC, and just overall have some fun, all while helping the RP become more and more realistic. There are quite a few things that can start as events, but later just become everyday occurrences within the RP. A few of my better ideas are listed below.

    Space: We have a canonical solar system, but not a lot of space exploration or discovery. We want to push the possibilities of space exploration, and maybe in the future, manned missions to moons and planets, investing in space technology and asteroid mining. We will start by implementing Weatherwand's plan for realistic moon colonization, detailed in a PDF that will be provide on request.

    Weather/Natural Disasters: What? Are there no earthquakes in Diyar? No active volcanoes? No hurricanes or tornadoes? Let's fix that shall we, with the WAND OF GOD. Essentially, we should make realistic weather systems more common, as you know, weather and climate are fairly important.

    Race to the South Pole: Yeah.