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NIN+ - Premium TV Just For You!

([nation]Lexxon[/nation] made this logo. Thanks to them for making it!)

[colour=red][size=150]NIN+ - Premium TV Just For You![/size][/colour]

[i](released 2037)[/i]
[i]The Woodlock family has been known for their crimes in [nation]Lexxon[/nation], but one man gained them international fame. Will the forces ever catch [b]Devon Woodlock[/b]? Or will he escape it all?[/i][/box]

[b]Flight 802[/b]
[i](released 2012)[/i]
[i]A terrorist shot down Lexxonian Air Flight 802. Horrifying results. The forces need to catch a man, but multiple are accused. Will they catch him once and for all?[/i][/box]

[b]NIN Podcast[/b]
[i](released 2079)[/i]
[i]Podcasts about stuff in the world. Starring Darwin, Selena and Moby.[/i][/box]

[b]Night In The Apartments[/b]
[i](released 2099)[/i]
(pictured above is the ghostly apartments in the show.)
Trailer: [url=]Link[/url]
[i]A high-stakes TV series about a long-time burglary’s victims appearing as ghosts to a modern group. They must face trials and tribulation to escape. Will they or will they not? Find out now![/i]
Subscriptions are £9.99 every month.[/box]

——[u]Subscriptions- Premium[/u]——
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[nation=long]Nexian Empire[/nation]
[font=timesneweoman]Minister of Fanbase and Advertising [/font][nation=long]Ancient-Egypt[/nation]