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by The United Socialist States of Hetavania and Korovstia. . 20 reads.

The Red Bream Bridge Incident - Paul McSaulton (89th Annual Congress Speech)

Members of the Hetavania and Korovstian Legislative Council!

Two weeks ago, at the town of Tavyn, along our border with Daevia, an unfortunate incident occurred. Twenty-seven Hetavanians, while driving along the Red Bream Bridge, along with seventeen Daevians and two Americans, were killed. A bomb exploded the bridge, causing all the people on the bridge to die. (Small mutterings come from the crowd.)

The Daevian Authorities determined that three Hetavanians: Joseph Sacred, Faith Lusiph and Macria Suldera, were responsible for the act of terrorism. But were they tried before the Hetavanian Court? They were our citizens. No! They were tried before the Daevian Court! A court which shows intense prejudice towards our people! (Small applause heard from part of the crowd.) Should they not be tried before our court?!

I have no doubt they are guilty (muttering from the crowd), but they must be tried under our law! Daevia has the death penalty, for pities sake! We do not! Daevia must release those people and let us try them for terrorism. (Stormy applause from part of crowd, loud booing from rest.)

Quiet! Quiet! I know they killed our people, and I know they killed Daevians, but they should be charged by courts in their home country.

Marcus David: But they were living in Daevia at the time. They may have had our citizenship, but they had applied for Daevian citizenship.

They did not get it! They were still our citizens! (Loud booing from crowd.)

(Paul walks of stage in anger.)

Exert from debate in the 89th Annual Congress over the terrorist attack along the border with Daevia - January 19th 2023.