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Kerbals of the North's Hub

Here's a fun little note: Did you know that, if you click on the large "Kerbals of the North" banner at the top of this dispatch (and most other dispatches), it'll bring you straight back to Kerbals of the North's region page? Anyway...

The Beginner's Luck
Want a quick introduction to NationStates and Kerbals of the North? This is the place!

Involvement and Community
Looking to join our active community? Check out the ways you can get involved!

Endorse Middle Ibarthelastorosa!
If you haven't already, join the World Assembly and endorse our lovely WA Delegate, Middle Ibarthelastorosa!

RMB Rules
Before you go start talking about things on the RMB, make sure to check the RMB rules first!

The Government

The Constitution
The Constitution governs Kerbals of the North, and is your ticket to leading this community!

Want more info on who runs Kerbals of the North's government? Check here!

To get some serious backing in your venture, go check out the parties in Kerbals of the North!

Election Season
More information about how the elections work, from start to finish, can be found here, as well as tips for party heads.

The Community

Nation RP Info
Want to know what the Nation RP is? This dispatch is the place to find that out.

Nation RP Map
Our Nation RP is one of our most active areas, hosted within the Discord server. This is the map for it!

Canistra, a HOI4 Mod
Canistra, a HOI4 Mod is the HOI4 mod for our Nation RP! It's now in pre-alpha, so download it to start testing and messing around!

Northern Kerbal Basketball Association
Is international sports more your interest? Kerbals of the North has their own basketball league, found here!

Regional Space Program
Came here for space exploration instead? Check out our Regional Space Program!

Officer Info
Want to help run and manage the community instead? Get some more information about that here!

Extra Info

Help grow Kerbals of the North by helping us recruit new nations!

World Assembly Culture
A quick and easy way to increase your influence would be endotarting, outlined here!

Embassy Policy
If you're an officer of a different region and want to establish an embassy with Kerbals of the North, this is our embassy policy!

Dispatch Index
For way more extra info, this is where every dispatch related to Kerbals of the North is found.