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Vote Against GA resolution World Assembly Website Act

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[box][size=150][color=#265780]Resolution at Vote: [url=/page=ga]World Assembly Website Act[/url][/color][/size]
[size=150][color=#265780]Vote Recommendation:[/color] [b]Against[/b][/size][/box]

[size=150][color=#265780]Resolution Analysis[/color][/size]
This proposal proposes to establish a World Assembly website. It specifies some technical details on web hosting, creates a wiki or blog site for all nations and disseminates relevant public documents on the activities of the World Assembly, and finally also provides for livestreams of the debates to be broadcast on the website.

We believe this resolution offers very limited benefits over and above existing resolutions related to the dissemination of information on World Assembly activities, namely GAR#78 (Universal Library Coalition) and GAR#442 (Circulation Of World Assembly Law). In our view, the proposal ends up dwelling on a minor administrative matter that should merit at best the most cursory of reviews by the General Assembly as a whole.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends [b]Against[/b] the General Assembly proposal at vote, "World Assembly Website Act".

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