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TEN SECONDS — as MURROW sits in silence . . . the STAGE MANAGER breaks the silence;
"In five... four... three... two..." | as MURROW facing the broadcasting camera and we—


Good Evening—
A few months ago, there occurred a few obscure notices in foreign newspapers of an altercation that occurred in a small relatively far-off country along the Adriatic coastline. Most of us here in the United States have barely heard of this country, and beyond the possible travel through northwards from Italy to V-Day, very few have . . . See It Now understands and has reported in the past of the conflict in the far east Orient, as the remaining red zealots in Korea are pacified, and of the unhumanitarian onslaught that presently plagues the Eritrean people along their own Red Sea coastline — But See It Now also feels compelled, as a matter of fact, the personal duty of this reporter, to also inform our CBS viewers of the present dangers that remain a specter over that previously remarked Adriatic coastline; the country is called The Slovene Republic, simply Slovenia.

This republic remains however, both at the border forefront of the red terror that sweeps half of the European continent, where repression and silence remain the order of the day, and beyond what this country has deemed to be that most imperative of security umbrellas. That being the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We'll return to that in just a moment.

A soft methodical shuffling of papers, for only a moment by MURROW.

". . . Marshal Tito’s violence against Slovenes has cast a dark shadow on our shared history. What could have been brotherhood has been evilly warped into persecution." — that quote, was delivered on the 13th of July by Boris Furlan, former President of Slovenia. The purpose of such an utterance; on the morning of the 11th of July, a Sloven border patrol found six men, along the Slovenia-Yugo border woods, just south of a small town called "Vur-be-j", slain. The previous November, a torpedo was fired upon a fishing vessel, and the perpetrators are without question. The very same ones who attacked those six men, civilians no less, at the border in July. Violence has plagued this small republic in methods that you nor I would commend, indeed these perpetrators remain cowards that retreat into the night, forgetting the task of being one's brothers' keeper.

Slovene forensics are not in doubt, indeed their own ballistics analyses prove possible Soviet participation, for how can a rouge regime like Yugoslavia carry out such terror without its Moscow directives. Red terror continues to terrorize the free people of Slovenia, and although the Slovenes have called for a "diplomatic barring" of the Yugoslav state, very little has been done so far from the greater international world to make that a reality. The very same terrorizing regime that laid the sovereign and independent country of Albania to ruin under the heel of oppressive aggression, seeks to do to Slovenia what it did to the Albanian people, and the very same it desires for the Slovenes, are no doubt the current expressions of struggles faced by the Eritrean people as red armory, and red forces add to the chaos and nightmare that is that very popularized conflict along the Red Sea coast.

It's that same red terror that once plighted the people of free Berlin in '48-49, and the same that plunged the Korean peoples into a half-decade of conflict. In both of these cases, might favored the good and courageous willing to stand for individualism and a freedom not obtained by, always out of reach from, those forces that seek to extinguish the flame of democracy and opportunity . . . Red Titoist terror haunts the Slovenes at their border, but they will not surrender, and it is in fact this reporter's opinion, as should be the opinion of all of Mr. and Mrs. America, that Red Terror should not be, and cannot be allowed to specter above the innocent.

MURROW continues to read the cards presented by the CBS crew, remaining focused.

At the same time, whatever happens in this whole realm of the affairs between man and the state, of the individual and the wishes of Moscow bolshevism — is up to ourselves. We will do to ourselves the kind of world we seek fit. It will not be up to Malenkov or Mao Tse-Tung, nor even our own allies. Slovenia remains at the gateway of the liberal world, and of a world half-defeated, half-remaining as a vestige of the dictatorships that fell in '45 . . . and it seems to us, that instead of focusing on internal American squabbles over whatever falsified list a certain Senator [Joe McCarthy] from Wisconsin might seek to lambast, that this subject, and this republic, should rather be the one argued about endlessly by the American people.
Good Night. And, Good Luck.

Cut to CBS COMMERCIALS, There is silence on the set nevertheless, nobody moves. They wait five seconds until they hear— "CUT! WE'RE OUT."

End of Broadcast.

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