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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 30

The Gardener's Gazette
2021 Card Publication of the Year

Welcome to the thirtieth edition of the The Gardener Gazette! The Gazette is released monthly and keeps gardeners and guests alike informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society. We also wish a Happy New Year for all of the Card Gardens and NationStates, because this is the first edition of 2023!

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

As you might already know, the Garden Insight article reports interesting happenings in the Gardens during the month before the one our edition is actually published in. This time I write about December 2022, the last month of the year, which carried over the activity of November after a new season came out, amid an increase of Gardeners to numbers never seen before! Just one year ago in the January 2022 Gazette, I had written about the purge that cut our numbers by half from 44 to 22, and now we have a record 50 members, which I'm really proud of—and of course, our new members for this past month will be greeted at the end of this article.

The month started with lively discussion, such as completed or ongoing plans by Gardens for the recent season, as well as interesting card finds, among other topics. Soon, the discussion about the Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System (TCALS) also returned, propped up by the questions made for Islands Of Ventro for his article in the December 2022 Gazette, an analysis of a possible comeback for TCALS with several differing opinions on the matter. This past edition was published at the middle of the month and very welcomed by the community, with other notable features aside from the above article being the results of the Season Three Quiz, released after two years at last, and the Garden Insight about a very active November.

The Greenhouse general chat also saw the occurrence of a Card Question of the Week, about which Season 3 cards each Gardener really wanted to own but hadn't managed to get so far. Notable choices were cards needed for specific collections, such as regional ones, or simply cards that a player finds interesting. But the most frequent answers were legendary cards, especially ceased-to-exist ones such as famous user Morover that did it on purpose to gain value, and the unexpected Annihilators of chan island whose card is now a battlefield of matches reaching the thousands and possibly the highest allowed value, ten thousand, which if happens will be the first legitimate trade at this market ceiling, excluding inflations and transfers. Another nation that recently CTE'd, though not a legendary card, is the founder of the Card Gardens The unified missourtama states, to which I send well wishes and hope for a return someday!

Later in the month, Gardeners were also surprised when just before Christmas the servers went down, after what was planned to be a short maintenance but ended up being a downtime lasting for several days. Not only card traders but also users of the site wondered when it would come back, while also wishing each other a Merry Christmas. It would finally return on 27th December, nearly the same as before, except that asks and bids were all erased unfortunately. Many collectors had to place thousands of bids again, although for those over capacity it has been worse, such as 9003 unlikely to ever be able to place another bid again. And at last, the month closed with many wishes of a Happy New Year in the Gardens; fireworks too although we strived to use quieter ones to not disturb the local wildlife.

Overall, it has been an interesting year for the Trading Cards community, to say the least. Although it felt for long like neglected by the administration, with many members leaving and servers struggling to keep activity, a rebirth has happened ever since November with the dawn of a new season. Let's hope that 2023 is a more active year throughout all months, and for that we have a robust community once more! This includes, of course, all new members that joined the Gardens since the last Gazette. Please welcome new members Land of Corporations, Osheiga, and 50th Gardener Numero Capitan, as well as returning member Noahs Second Country!

A Hopeful Community
by Islands Of Ventro

In celebration of the new year, the Gazette has put in practice an idea from our writer Ventro and asked Gardeners to submit their hopes and New Years resolutions for 2023. This process was done through a form, with identification optional, in which each person's thoughts could be easily submitted. The responses were gathered from 2nd until 13th January, and will now be shared here below! A total of 21 Gardeners answered, nearly half of our community, which is a good turnout:

  • "Finish s2 leg collection, get back in top 100 cards" - New Kowloon Bay

  • "Get as many TSP cards as I can!"

  • "Never to penny-bid again as I used to when I first started playing NS Cards" — Mediobogdum

  • "Quit farming"

  • "Dear Ventro,

    I would like to Collect every single Scottish Flag card in the game! (All seasons)
    If I finish that I would like to collect all of the English Flag Cards in this game! (All seasons)
    I would like to keep on doing this untill I eventually have all of the cards that have real nation flags on them! Obivouisly this would take an incredibally long time, but I have had fun doing it with Scotland, and I hope that the fun will continue!

    Yours Faithfully
    CSB PM Union"

  • "Finish collecting all the S3 legendaries, inflate my S1 card, make it back to 77th overall in the world" — Thorn1000

  • "9003 s1 stays the number one card"

  • "To never try to cheat my way out, to get some extra cards in my collections. "

  • "Get up to 100 S2 Legendaries."

  • "Complete my storylines, farm more, profit"

  • "S3 full legend" — NDR

  • "Completing the Season 3 legendary collection and making any form of progress on the Season 1 legendary collection. Also want to have top 25 in International Artwork and 1,000 legendaries by the end of the year as well."

  • "All S3 Leg Collection, #1 DV" — Mikeswill

  • "My Goal this year is to spread happiness to friends and strangers in this game! — Ioavollr

  • "To get better ranks in wealth gap and international artwork."

  • "100 copies of my card"

  • "Probably inflating the **** out of random low owner cards, too bad we have taxes"

  • "1. Start farming more regularly again. 2. Continue maintaining dozens of collections. 3. Make many more nice themed Puppets with flags 4. Chase Easter Eggs on Themed Puppets" — Apexiala

  • "Be a relevant card trader for once, that's it." — RedBrickLand

  • "Finish some regional collection, collect myself, Chicken Overlords, and S1 legys, and other micaceous."

  • "To have more legendary cards at the end of the year 2023."

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

Seventeen giveaways happened in December, four more than November and an all-time record! Of course, this is due to the fact we had a special New Year giveaway where five different legendaries were chosen, so if one counts by day there were thirteen just like the previous month. Regardless, there's a lot to tell about our giveaways last month! The lucky winner of the month was Grand Abaco, which won one Epic Package early in the month and then one of the five New Year legendaries. Other fifteen giveaways each went to a different nation as you can see below, which is more common now that there are 50 Gardeners, up from 38 at the end of November.

There were also several specific highlights throughout the month! A new bot called UPC-3PO, designed by The United Peoples of Centrism, was introduced to the server for better giveaway hosting, although it would only start being used after the new year. During the NationStates downtime, a fake giveaway was held for Monday, with a screenshot of Season 2 Daedra1a posted. Luckily for the winner Allinburg, the card was actually gifted after the site returned!

And of course, I can't finish this article without mentioning the special giveaway that took place to celebrate the New Year! It started with three Season 2 cards, as are the vast majority of cards that we have to give away—Frieden-und Freudenland, Czechostan, and Automagfreek—followed by Season 3 New Lakemba and at last Season 1 Wilkshire. Great gifts to mark the passing of yet another year for the Card Gardening Society!


Number of Wins

Grand Abaco


New Makasta


Mushroom Gorge


CSB PM Union










The Church of Satan
















The Return of the Monthly Contest
by Giovanniland

In the last edition of the Gazette, I stated that "owing to the fact that we have a new quiz running, this issue's release date, and the holidays, there will be no new monthly contest." However, we're now returning for this month, and with a contest style that hasn't happened in quite a while! A standard collection contest, which last happened June 2022, will now serve as the monthly activity, following various popular vote brackets, card poetry, and most recently start-of-season quizzes.

Anyways, January's contest will have the timely theme of the New Year! The collection doesn't need to be specifically about the day, instead it can also collect cards related to the hopes and wishes that people have each year, or even a more numerical approach of seeking cards that represent different years through their names or flags; anything that you can think of while being on topic. The rules are of course similar to previous collection contests:

1. We're accepting any and all collections regardless of size and card rarity, provided they can be reasonably included in the contest and they follow Card Gardens and NS rules.
2. You can choose a collection you already have, or build one and submit later.
3. Submissions must be sent by Discord DM or telegram to Giovanniland, closing at 23:59 UTC on Saturday, 11th February.
4. The winner will win a shiny legendary card, and additional prizes may be awarded if there is a high number of entries.
5. Collections submitted for previous contests can't be submitted again.

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing some articles, and Islands Of Ventro for contributing the other articles! If you'd like to write, please contact our Administration to apply for the Gazette Writer position.

Editor's note: the yearly giveaway review that would traditionally arrive in the January edition has been postponed to February, owing to the presence of a different special article and also other commitments. See you until then!