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A Statement on Recent Events in NSUK

Good day all, Aynia here, coming to you with a statement regarding the relationship between Caer Sidi and NSUK.

I'm going to keep this fairly succinct, as I have been pretty ill for the past almost two months and not as active as normal, but this is something that I strongly feel must be addressed. 

It has been fairly well known, at least to those close to NSUK, that a certain individual was accepted into the region and granted citizenship. Upon learning this, I contacted the listed server owner to bring my concerns, and eventually contacted the new server owner after learning who I originally contacted had stepped back and handed off control of NSUK. I expressed deep concern that this individual was accepted into the region with seemingly open arms and granted citizenship, even though this individual has a blatant track record of egregious ooc offenses and openly admitted on their citizenship application their past behaviour and bans. 

Initially, I was hopeful that common sense and responsible administration would prevail, and was under the full impression that as an upstanding region NSUK would take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their community and treat this out of character matter with the respect it deserved. Unfortunately I was mistaken. 

I am deeply disappointed in the regrettable decision that NSUK has made to keep this individual that poses a threat to the safety and well being of their community members. This was not an in character issue, to be processed though in character courts, and it was not appropriate to have this handled in any way through an in character foreign affairs department as it rightly should have been solely handled by the administrative team of NSUK. 

As for how this impacts Caer Sidi, a treatied ally of NSUK is multi fold. Firstly, the relationship between Caer Sidi and NSUK has ceased. Embassies will be cancelled and a diplomat will no longer be assigned to NSUK. Our forum embassy will be archived, and from here on out, the treaty that CS holds with NSUK is null and void and will no longer be recognized. 

Furthermore, I am urging not just citizens, residents, visitors, or foreign diplomats in Caer Sidi to cease association with NSUK, I would like to urge all community leaders across NationStates to take serious consideration on whether they are comfortable encouraging any of their community members to enter NSUK. 

As leaders, our first priority is safety. It isn't fun, it isn't politics, it isn't trying to keep the peace. Our first and most important task is to keep our community members safe from harm, in any form. I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone visit or join a region that even appears to give the impression that they are not focused on community safety. 

I've run a community in some form or another for almost a decade. I've made a lot of mistakes that I have learned from. It is my hope that NSUK will be able to rectify and learn from the mistake they have just made as well. 

Neither myself, nor my region holds any ill will against NSUK. I'm not here to run them down or drag them through the mud, but I am here to hold them accountable. In all honesty, I sincerely hope that the region does well and can put community safety above all else. I will not be enacting any kind of in character penalties, or any bans on anyone just for being a member or part of NSUK, as I feel that would be ridiculous. As always, my dm's are open if you have questions of me, though please keep in mind this is a sensitive matter and needs to be dealt with appropriately, without speculation or mud slinging. 

All the best,