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LDU Regional News Service | Dispatch #24 | 17 January 2023

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Dispatch #24 | 17 January 2023

Articles written by Kingdom of the Indus KLDU

Regional Gameplay News


The pre-election cycle for the February 2023 elections will begin soon.

In a few days, the nomination interest poll will open.


The following nations have ceased to exist:

Katholisches bayern
Proletarian zaire
New gaiastan


The following nations have been revived after previously ceasing to exist:


Regional Roleplay News


Former Texan VP hijacks television broadcast

The former Texan Vice President under the Carver government (Claire Houston) hijacked several television broadcasts in Texas to transmit some anti-government messages.

Under the new Wallace government, the country has experienced significant democratic backsliding, which Houston was quick to condemn in the broadcast.

She also urged "nations of the free world" to join her fight against "Margaret Wallace and her newly created totalitarian state" before her words were abruptly cut off.

Numerous world governments have now offered aid and asylum to victims of political persecution in Texas.

Funeral of President Wallace

Former President Frederick Wallace of Texas, who was killed by rioters, was buried today during his state funeral procession.

Many Texans wore black and held Texan flags to mourn the loss of Wallace before then laying flowers near his grave.

In the evening, fireworks were launched and cannons were fired. Many citizens also fired their private firearms in memoriam.

Infrastructure upgrades

The Texan government has ordered all major cities to change their architecture styles to be more similar to the Sovereign-Texan style (a combination of Federalist and Georgian architecture).

It is believed that the Texan government is trying to get rid of the old brutalist buildings that were built under the USNA.


Flag of Sjevre.
Solvein Morchands' resignation speech

"What wonderful years it have been, for fifteen years I had the honor of leading this beautiful country to its glory, which I believe, still isn't at it's peak. I can still remember as a young man..., well don't judge *he looks directly to his family* I.. I.. I.. thought I was still young at 45, when I was given the role of Prime Minister in 2017, it seems so long ago, it's been so long, yet time has flown by. I think you've always characterized me for being short and concise in my way of giving speeches, so I'll do that again now. I don't like to talk about my own achievements anyway, I'll let the documentaries do it's work so we won't say the same things over and over again.

I can only thank a handfull of people. Firstly my wife Aada and my son Viktor (S.), secondly my compagnion Vladimir Usjkov, who was there from the start and ofcourse my dear father (Piivo), who raised me alone thanks to the clear absence of a stable mother. One man will not be forgotten in my heart and in everyones heart, Josev Aszrymop III, Josev, Joe, Joey, Azzy.. what I may or may not call him. Joe you are the GOAT.

That's it then I believe, my time here in this great house [PM's residence] is over. Let light shine on a new leader with the brightest ideas, which will be elected by the Utega party next week. I will return to my ''miserable'' house in Kaunas."

Utega party calls internal election

Following the resignation of the now-former Sjevrean Prime Minister Solvein Morchands, the Utega party has called an internal party election to determine who the new leader of the country should be.

The candidates are Foreign Secretary Vladimir Usjkov, Deputy Prime Minister Johan Adomaitis, Defence Secretary Saunikas Kiiminen and the Head of the SIS Ludvigs von Zeimanits.


Flag of Veneti Marsei.
Terrorists bomb Veneti Marseian landmarks

Earlier this week, suicide bombers who are believed to be from the Shi-Anzett Islamic terror group destroyed several landmarks in Veneti Marsei in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of the country, which caused Veneti Marsei to establish martial law for a few days.

The buildings that were destroyed include Parliament, Madregulm Palace, three bridges and their surrounding areas.

Following these attacks, Veneti Marsei has increased funding for the military to begin an invasion of parts of the Middle East in revenge for them harbouring the terrorists.

Savome goes to Juliople

Chancellor Dion Savome departed for Juliople in Romanum et Britannia Minor earlier this week.

The reason for the visit was to discuss a possible alliance between the two countries.

Veneti Marseian National Court makes controversial ruling

The National Court of Veneti Marsei ruled in the Sandio v. Mellierno case that private businesses have the right to refuse service based on religious beliefs - the decision has been attacked by the LGBT community, while it has been supported by conservatives.


Mustelidae Class aircraft carriers completed

Glory Be Ferret has completed the construction of their new aircraft carriers.

The new Mustelidae Class aircraft carriers will soon be integrated into the rest of the navy.

So far, names have not been chosen for the new carriers.

The Ferretian navy encouraged the public to submit names for the new ships when the construction of the ships was announced.

However, they recieved virtually no entries.

It is likely that the Ferretian navy will try to name the ships some other way.

Glory Be Ferret invites Sjevre and Oruzia to Eversmannii

The government of Glory Be Ferret (GBF) has invited delegates from Sjevre and Oruzia to the Ferretian capital city of Eversmannii to improve relations with each other.

Sjevre has accepted the invitation.

Delegates from the Sjevre will be in Eversmannii soon - Oruzia, however, has not responded to the invitation yet.


Protests in New Erimea

Trade unionists have started staging massive protests in New Erimea in opposition to the country's hefty taxes and huge unemployment rates.

The government has ignored their demands and have sent police and soldiers down to try and "control" them - so far 76 protesters have been arrested.

Violence, looting and damage has erupted in the country and a state of emergency and curfew has been introduced.

Ethnic tensions in Armurarsia

In Armurasia, ethnic tensions between the Armurarsia and Manchu peoples have resulted in the Manchurians sending an ultimatum to the federal government stating that if they are not given further rights, they will declare independence.

Bethersontonian military operation

Bethersontonia has expanded their territory into lands that are occupied by tribal nomads.

The nomads did not resist and have decided to cooperate with Bethersontonia instead, and as a result, no casualties have been reported.

Despite this, the expansion was opposed by the Bethersontonian Green Party, who abstained from voting on the operation before it took place.

Vantier implements anti-sexist legislation

Vantier has implemented new legislation to prevent discrimination against women.

The legislation has been criticised by the Vantierian left as hypocritical - sexism is forbidden, while slavery is still legal in some areas of Vantier and racism is extremely common in the country.

Riots in Pan-Pacific States

Immigrants in Pan-Pacific States have started forming gangs and have started clashing with other ethnic groups.

These clashes have caused the government to implement martial law and send in the National Guard, but this has spawned more protests by civil libertarians who oppose martial law.