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by The Defender-Francoist of Rhaza. . 1,692 reads.

Islamic States Invaded!

The LCS Ellesmera leads the coalition to the shores of Islamic States, cannons ready…

Islamic States bombarded by Minutemen-led coalition!

Assailed for their crimes against peace and innocent communities, a homeland blow has been struck to raider unity!

Empty pleas from Army Commander Shayk cannot stop the mighty fleet!

There’s forty shillings on the drum,
For those who volunteer to come,
Enlist and fight the foe today,
Over the hills and far away!

O’er the hills and through the straits,
With Captain Rhaza and his mates,
The League commands, and we obey,
Over the hills and far away!

AHOY! By order of the Consul, the loyal ship and crew of the LCS Ellesmera departed some days ago to combat the pirate menace scouring the straits of Indonesia. In the course of their voyage, they encountered many enemy ships, and sunk them for plunder!

Our mission has concluded tonight with the capture of all ports in the Islamic States, bringing their invading days to an end.

Much rum was retrieved, much fun was had, and another W did we score, in keeping with our long tradition of Ws. We thank all of our partners who took part in the operation tonight.

LinkDon’t delay, enlist today!

The League's Defense Forces

Consul Quebecshire (point)
General New Makasta (backup trigger)
Colonel DinoNet (regional officer)
Colonel Raziel (trigger)
Lieutenant Icaris
Flagbearer Iandrul
Flagbearer Paleocacher
Flagbearer Zjaum
Flagbearer Zloveshchiy
Cannoneer East Yourtanad
Cannoneer Gjorka
Cannoneer New San Antonio
Cannoneer Svedonia
Minuteman Anjan Kloss
Minuteman Ecalpa
Minuteman Kanjuura
Volunteer Alinata
Volunteer Wealthphalia
Volunteer Yixius

Moral Support Lizard Mechanocracy

The Order of the Grey Wardens

First Warden Grea Kriopia (regional officer)
High Constable Merlin
Warden Constable Matthew (regional officer)
Warden Constable Thedaria
Warden Constable Varax (backup trigger)
Warden Lieutenant Pyrohy
Warden Lieutenant Quebecshire
Senior Warden Eshialand
Senior Warden Witchcraft and Sorcery
Senior Warden Wolflandil
Warden Kanglia
Warden Westinor
Warden Recruit Izhtat
Warden Recruit Obrimenjas

Ten-thousand Islands Treaty Organization

Enough. Don't be nosey. :blush:

Europeian Republican Navy

Grand Admiral Cove
Vice-Admiral Istillian
Captain Kuramia (regional officer)
Captain Darcness
Lieutenant Sincluda
Lieutenant Olde Delaware
Petty Officer Prov
Leading Hand PhDre

The Mystical Guard

Commandant Wolfandil (regional officer)
Warrant Officer Pyrohy

Evergreen Battalion of Declansburg

Lieutenant Vobron

The Union of Democratic States Armed Forces

Commander-in-Chief Phoenix (regional officer)
General Kanglia
Colonel Glaciosia


Sulenia (regional officer)

Report by Quebecshire and Ikania, with graphic contributions by Moorland.