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The Red Standard: Iotant Special Edition, Thank You Both For So Much! (January 15, 2023)

An Interview With Iota

By: Lowe (UFROE)
13 January, 2023

Welcome everyone to a very special interview with a very special person. Today I interviewed our great Outgoing First Minister Iota, whose contributions to the region have been profound. Iota has done many great things for TCB and will get her much deserved break from the hot seat. The Bloc is immensely thankful for all they’ve done and it was truly a pleasure to interview him.

Q: What made you want to be part of TCB’s government?

A: Unlike most people, I don't remember ever having one of those new player phases where you think that managing your nation's stats (and maybe chatting on the RMB) is the entire game. From the moment I founded my first nation and started reading recruitment telegrams, it became acutely obvious to me that finding a home region to call your own was just as much of the game as managing your nation, if not more than it. Every region had so much love and detail put into it. It was very clear that the real fun of the game was in the sense of community.

But even though I was aware of that, I wasn't initially interested in really interacting with the region for a long period of time--I didn't even have a discord account to join the server with. I later made a discord account for unrelated reasons, and one day when I was bored, I thought "Huh, I could join TCB's discord now and try to take the game seriously."

One thing about me is that when I play video games, I play them with the intent of learning how to become very good at them. I believed going into TCB's discord that the way to "win" at nationstates was to become a productive, liked, well-integrated member of your chosen region(s). So when I found out that joining the MoDA would be an obvious way to become productive, liked, and well-integrated...I did that. And then I processed a metric ton of applications and spent, like, five hours every day doing manual recruitment. (That was back in the dark ages of manual, too.)

Interestingly, I had no initial intent to become a minister! That part is an entirely different story. But as for why I joined the government in general, it was because I wanted to Win (read: be helpful and pleasant).

Q: What would you say is your biggest achievement as First Minister?

A: Picking a single biggest achievement as First Minister is difficult, not because I think that it was ~all fantastic~ or any of that joking ego I play up at times, but because I frankly have a goddamned terrible memory. I have...okay, I should say "had" because my ministership is becoming past tense now...I had a pretty funny habit of making massive updates to the region, forgetting about all of the updates because I was making so many of them, and then having to go "Uh, guys? What did I do this term?" in #ns-discussion for help writing my End of Term Address.

Man. It's going to be hard getting used to speaking of myself as a previous First Minister instead of the de facto government leader. It is legitimately going to be wild not representing the Bloc anymore. Anyway.

Looking back over everything, my biggest achievement was definitely the volunteering overhaul. Before I was First Minister, we had almost entirely dead ministries. New people would show up and go "Hey, how can I get involved?" and everyone else would be forced to respond with "Uhh..." because we had no real structures in place to integrate people into government/volunteering. I fixed that. You know that section in the TCBcord called "Volunteer" that gives you an easily-accessible overview of every way to get involved and help the Bloc? I'm responsible for that. I created the dispatch vote squad, I created the PRAF reserve forces, I created actual systems of integration into the ministries, I gave the card factory emergency CPR, I wrote pages worth of volunteer information, I recruited for manual recruitment, et cetera. There are absolutely volunteer changes I made that I've forgotten about just because I did so much. Creating the basic infrastructure for larger and more organized volunteer teams (as opposed to the almost nothing we had before) enabled TCB to keep building and growing without running out of resources to manage the new population with.

So much has been built off of the volunteer structure that I created, and I'm thrilled to see that volunteering has become an entrenched part of TCB's functioning. We wouldn't be where we are now without it.

Q: What would you say was your biggest shortcoming as First Minister?

A: This one is a lot easier to answer, because 1. I didn't really make any horrid mistakes and 2. The things I wasn't able to do have been bugging me for 9 months straight, lmao. Biggest shortcomings were definitely my inability to overhaul that accursed and wildly outdated master dispatch and how I let culture slide at times. I will atone for both of these sins by joining the MoI as a dispatch updater and the MoC after I'm out of office as FM. The master dispatch didn't happen because it was just So Goddamned Much, and the MoC kinda slid because it's just not really my specialty. I will help to fix our dispatches and learn how to do culture eventually, though.

Q: What did you enjoy most about being First Minister?

A: Being able to help the Bloc, mostly. Once I started really getting involved in government I had a lot of ideas and motivation for improving things. Fun fact, that's why the Second Minister role was created! Ant wanted to give me a way to immediately get to work without having to wait another term, so I got to act as pseudo-FM as a special little treat. Once I was actually in full power as FM, it was really nice to be able to just run around implementing all of my ideas without even having to ask. (That's actually one of my favorite things about our government structure, by the way. That if someone wants to improve the Bloc, you can kinda just vote them in to give them free reign to fix things up for however many months.)

Also, the foreign affairs power. 100% the foreign affairs power. It's going to be very hard to get used to not being allowed to speak for the Bloc, because I spent over a year of my life practicing being very good at it. I valued listening to our citizens and directly representing their will as much as possible, so even though I know my special little successor (you, Lowe) will also listen to the people™️, I've still got that "Augh...I hope the next person does right by the citizens..." worry instinct.

Also, the hegemon jokes. Shoutout to TCNTW for the iconic quote "...activated after illegal invasion & occupation of TCNTW by New Astrian hegemony and puppets." I forgot which member of TCNTW said this, but I hope they know that they're responsible for my favorite TCB in-joke. My terms will probably forever be known as the New Astrian Hegemony era of TCB thanks solely to that quote. It felt good being in power in a "helpful/likable enough to be jokingly aggrandized by the people I'm serving" way.

Q: What will you do now that you’re no longer going to be First Minister?

A: I dunno, start throwing up and crying? Sit, forlorn, in the corner and stare longingly at my old office? Make a paper crown and badly scribble "hegdgemo,n" on it in black crayon to cope?

...probably volunteer in all of the ministries, get back into manual recruitment, and, most importantly, try to be a really good Air Marshall. Because you're not getting me out of CoM that easily.

Q: Who are some people who were critical to you during your FMship?

A: Uh. Oh man. My FMship was 9 months long. That's an entire baby. There were so many important people during that. Uuuhhhhh. Okay, let's see. Ant for obvious reasons, I wouldn't be FM without her. Aquila and Wasc for being instrumental to PRAF getting started back up. Lowe for being a really good SM and FM-incumbent. Literally anyone who has manual recruited, joined a ministry, joined PRAF, or otherwise volunteered during that period. Pan Kath for being a fantastic MoI and AM. I wish my memory was flawless so I could name literally anyone who's done anything, because TCB improving is always a team effort. Miravana for his incredible MoDA work, manual recruitment, and also the everything else. Stating now for the record that anyone I forget to explicitly mention is allowed to come throw bricks and rocks at me irl. Cretanja and Isolate for their MoFA service. Doyalikewaff, Crabronia, Marcus, Violene, and Ruben for their MoDA work. Kirrlark for his MoWAA work. Recency bias is getting me here, I just know it. Every citizen who responded to me whenever I asked for their thoughts on FA scenarios so I could take the action the Bloc wanted. Really just anyone who shows up and participates in the region in any amount. I love you TCB sorry to any body I forgot you are all so important and wonderful for our region thank you to everyone who's worked with me to keep things running (<- find a way to include the emojis in the dispatch or else)

Thank you once again Iota for all you've done and for allowing me to interview you! Keep being awesome like you are, and good luck in your next ventures!

An Interview With Ant

By: Lowe (UFROE)
13 January, 2023

The second interview of the day with another fantastic person. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Former First Minister Ant, who resurrected TCB and transformed it into the largest UCR in NationStates. Ant helped Iota in their venture as FM, and has made critical contributions to the region. TCB wouldn’t be what it is today without her, huge thank you to Ant for all her work.

Q: What made you want to be part of TCB’s government?

A: Mostly boredom and need of something to do. When I became active in TCB the idea of abolishing the Ministry of Information was being discussed, so I ran for Minister in order to revamp the ministry and prevent its abolition. I ended up being the Minister of Information for 3 terms and successfully made it into one of the most active ministries in the CoM, and no one has even mentioned abolishing it since then, so mission success.

Q: What would you say was your biggest accomplishment as FM?

A: Essentially reviving a region that was stagnant and dead in the water. When I became FM we were hovering around 600-700 population, and 250 endorsements on the WAD. By the end of my 3 terms, we had a population of ~2,200 and over 600 endorsements on our delegate. We went from being on our death bed to being the biggest UCR in the game. Restarting the PRAF was another big accomplishment. It's been a very successful military and has been a huge activity boost for the region.

Q: What’s one thing you would have changed about your FMship?

A: I would have ended the treaties we had with regions like The League much earlier than we did. They were a constant hindrance and thorn in our side during my time as FM, and I should've fixed that problem sooner than I did. It would have saved me a lot of time and headaches. TBH and BoM have proven to be much better allies time and time again.

Q: What did you enjoy most about being First Minister?

A: Being able to dip my fingers in every pie and do a little bit of everything. It's difficult to choose just one thing; I did a lot during my time as FM and I enjoyed most of it. I had a vision for TCB and I liked being able to set direction, take risks, and make things happen. I enjoyed watching the CoM and TCB as a whole grow and succeed.

Q: Do you have any plans to rejoin TCB’s government in the future?

A: Maybe. I technically still am in government since I'm a VWAD, but I've considered running for a position on the tribunal or even the CoM again. There is more I'd like to do as FM, so it's certainly a possibility. Only time will tell.

Q: Who are some people who were critical to you during your FMship?

A: Iota, for sure. I did my first term without a MoFA, so just having someone to help with foreign affairs during my 2nd term was great, and Iota ended up being the perfect choice for it. I started to have some irl health problems during my 3rd term, and I wrote the Second Minister Act in order to make Iota my SM and give him the authority to handle things if I wasn't around, which was also a great choice. Wasc was also critical. She was a fantastic MoDA, perhaps the best we have ever had and ever will have. She was absolutely instrumental to the amount of growth we had, and was also largely involved in restarting the PRAF. Those two stick out to me the most, but there are plenty of other people too. I wouldn't have been able to do my job without the support I got from the CoM and the rest of TCB at large.

Thank you again Ant for everything you’ve done for The Bloc, keep being amazing and good luck in your next venture!

Thank you, Iota, for encouraging me like you have and for placing on me your trust to lead TCB. Thank you, Ant, for giving amazing advice, and for all your contributions to TCB. You both are incredible and amazing, and I cannot express it enough.

This is Polly, Ant's fish, say hi to Polly everyone.

The Iotantian Hegemony Ends, A New Era Begins

By: Lowe (UFROE)
13 January, 2023

Time goes by, people come and go, and changes happen as is usual for any region. But few times does someone make such profound changes as Ant and Iota have to a region as large as TCB is. I haven’t been around for very long, at least not in TCB, but I can say with 1000% certainty that those two are the best leaders TCB has ever had. Ant managed to rescue TCB from what seemed like the edge of oblivion, giving much needed CPR to the dying ministries of TCB, boosting endorsements on Micha and aiding in TCB’s increase in size to reach over 2,000! Iota then picked up the torch, turning PRAF into a formidable fighting force, once again giving emergency CPR to dying ministries, keeping TCB’s population numbers steady and helping in elevating Micha’s endorsements to over 700 during their tenure.

Of course, there is a lot that I have left out, but the point of this isn’t to get down to the nitty gritty of everything they’ve done for the region, but to simply cast a light on their impressive careers. Both of them deserve being awarded Honored Comrade, as without them I myself would probably never have joined TCB, and perhaps the region would’ve died off a long time ago. As with all good things, their tenure of power has now come and gone, yet their changes continue to shape TCB everyday. Thousands of community members would’ve missed out on the fantastic region that is TCB had it not been for Iota and Ant’s brilliant work as First Ministers.

As the upcoming First Minister I do truly hope that I am able to continue to carry the torch on and make changes as profound as my two predecessors have. It is people like Ant and Iota that make all the difference for a region, the people who get to decide whether the region will rot and die or thrive and grow. I am honored to have served under Iota, and immensely content that I have met someone as great as Ant, someone truly compassionate about this region. My thanks to them was making this special issue, and it is my hope that they enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. While their great First Minister terms are over, I believe TCB is not yet done thriving.

TCB Says Thank You To Iota And Ant

By: Lowe (UFROE)
13 January, 2023

From Cret (Manndown):
Iota, thank you so very much for being who you are. I have had such a blast serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs under your leadership, and further volunteering in the department even before then. Together, we took the world by storm, spreading good vibes and communism, and I think we did a pretty great job of that, all-in-all. Your First Minister-tenure will for sure be a missed one, but one that I will look back on with the fondest of memories.
Ant, you are without a doubt an incredibly special person and your contributions to TCB have forged a distinctive era for our region and NS as a whole. Thank you so very much for what you have done - and likely will continue to do.

From Ruben (Halsoni):
Hi Ant and Iota, thank you so much for your unmatched work this past year and a half. I’m so impressed by Ant’s amazing opportunity creation and Iota’s ability of grabbing that opportunity and taking full advantage of it. Many thanks to the both of you for making the Bloc triple than it was before!

From Vio (Violene Islands):
When I first got involved in TCB, it had been a long time since I had joined any social group, and I was super nervous and basically ready to bail at any second. but Iota was nice to me and made me feel welcome from the very start, and still does that! Thank you for putting so much work into this amazing community!

From Pan (Pan Kath):
Thank you Iota and Ant for improving TCB and making it the place that it is today.

From 4D Donkeys (4D Donkeys):
I am thankful for their contributions. I joined TCB to cover my political needs of talking to other leftists as there aren't any in my IRL friend circle and it stuck around with me. It first started as a game of issues and stats but now for me it's just the daily RMB and the camaraderie. I haven't gotten to know the discord yet so well but I can already tell that TCB's provision of a safe online community is an enjoyable 30 minutes of the day. Most other communities (on social media) of so called 'communists' or 'leftists' are just a bit much backdrawing with their homophobic ideas, bigotry, inappropriate jokes, slurs. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is TCB seems to me like its own thing, not a social media feed ripoff. These people are trying to build socialism here or something. It took me a while to realize but TCB has been made indeed friendly towards newcomers. What I'm about to say is clearly revisionism, but it wouldn't be like this if it wasn't for Ant and Iota.

From LC (Kapilaranya):
Thanks for literally everything you've done for TCB and for being fun FMs you both did really great jobs.

From Adri (Ataral)
Thank you ant and iota! The two of you have had a great impact on TCB. You guys have done so much for TCB and have contributed a large part into making this the great place it was when I joined. you guys are amazing, TCB would not be the same without you guys.

From Rabo (Rabotia):
I haven't been here long, but I've still had a chance to see the positive impact both of you have had on the running and culture of TCB. Thank you for everything you've done for the region, and I look forward to seeing your future endeavors!

From Djingo (North Eastern Aus):
Thanks for being such a patient person and helping teach me the ropes in DA.

From Lavender (Peace and Love but Better):
Dear Iota and Ant. You're the bestest. Sincerely, TCB.

From Doya (Kireerva):
Thank you for your labor and dedication to our bloc comrades.

From Isolate (Krajzovda):
Thanks for consistently being mediators and guardians for our little space in the leftist galaxy. I'm glad to have found this community. I'm even happier to have worked with the two of you for the short time I was in the Council of Ministers. (Also thanks for the hair tips Ant).

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