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Merkisenasjoona Wönasmaana | Hyonan National Symbols

National Symbols of Hyonaland
Flags and Colors|Anthems and Mottos|Animals|Flora|Sport|Dish|Instrument

Here are all of the national symbols of Hyonaland, which are officially specified by the government.

National Flags And Colors

The Primary Flag (33:20)


The Secondary Flag (89:50)


The primary flag is the official flag of Hyonaland, used in all major instances of representation. The primary flag of the Hyonan Republic depicts a blue field with a white stripe down the middle, taking up slightly less than a third of the flag. In the center is a white circle taking up a bit more than half, and centered in the white circle are four stars, representing the four stars of Hastejobafanen, or the Hyonan principle of the four pillars of premium society: liberty, justice, equality, and wealth. The four stars are part of the Hastejoban constellation (the real life Southern Cross). The blue field represents the landscape encompassing Hyonaland, the water that surrounds the islands and the ice that covers the land. The white stripe and white circle represent peace and tranquility between the land and the people.

The secondary flag of the Hyonan Republic is the same as the flag of the Kingdom of Hyonaland. The flag depicts a blue field with a Hyonan Heraldic Lion in the center. Above the Lion are the four stars of Hastejobafanen. The blue field represents the Hyonan landscape, same as on the primary flag. The Hyonan Heraldic Lion is a royal symbol developed during the Hyonan Age of Exploration, the lion being a creature in Bothnian culture that represents exploration, discovery, and progress. It has a crown, representing the royal family of the former Kingdom, and is wielding a sword, representing the fierceness of the Hyonan people. Above it, the four stars of Hastejobafanen blesses the people, the land, and the core ideals of Hyonaland. The flag is rarely used as it is a symbol of the Kingdom of Hyonaland, and is slightly controversial, however the government has it listed as an official flag for traditional reasons.

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National Anthems, Marches, and Mottos

Primary/Peacetime National Anthem

The main national anthem of Hyonaland is called Lunkurdoe Mourissa, or "Daybreak at Mouri", and it has no words. Here is the instrumental. IRL it's the finale to Orpheus in the Underworld.

LinkLunkurdoe Mourissa | National Anthem of Hyonaland

Secondary/Wartime National Anthem

The Wartime National Anthem is used as a battle hymn and during times of war and crisis. It's called Yrsedää Mimmo, or "Unite Together." It is also used at sporting events or other international competitions. IRL it's the Azerbaijani National Anthem.

LinkYrsedää Mimmo | National March of Hyonaland

Mottos of the Hyonan Republic

There are three main mottos of Hyonaland. Here they are in Hyonan, with a gloss and the English translation.

Tosilnen, Valtanen, Adovonen, Pragasen!
free-NOM, justice, equal-NOM, wealth

Liberty, Justice, Equality, Wealth! If you remember, these are the four principles of Hastejobafanen, portrayed via the four four-pointed stars on Hyonaland's flags and many other national symbols.

Tosilnen aso asi kurdoe!
free-NOM so stay-3S

Freedom is here to stay! Or literally "freedom is here so that it stays." This mottos was developed in the 1970s during the progressivism era.

Lausantama hastejobafanen
walk-ORN-1P hastejobafanen

We walk with hastejobafanen

National Animals

National Mammal - the Harp Seal (Pagophilus hyonalandicus)

As the Latin name implies, these cute blobs dominate the seas all around Hyonaland, with some Harp Seals even still living in the Kohlmennen Inlet, where the capital city of Mogadijana is.

National Bird - the Little Auk (Alle alle)

The Little Auk inhabits roughly the same territory as the Harp Seal, and have recently made a comeback after being endangered. The name alle is and archaic Hyonan word for duck, which originally was developed to imitate duck calls.

National Mythical Creature - the Lion

You're probably very confused right now. The lion has been a heraldic symbol of Hyonaland since the 12th century, and it was adopted at a time when Hyonans believed that the lion wasn't a real creature. Nobody had seen one due to Hyonaland's distance from any native habitat. So, even after lions were confirmed to be real by Hyonans, nobody bothered to change their official symbolism.

National Flora

National Flower - the Foxtail Lily (Eremurus robustus)

While they aren't native, these vibrant flowers were introduced centuries ago and are common in many gardens in the south.

National Fruit - the Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

This is one of the most commonly cultivated berries in the south of Hyonaland.

National Tree - the Western White Pine (Pinus monticola)

This pine, along with the Ponderosa Pine, dominates much of Hyonaland's western landscape and even into the vast boreal forests of Alatnamaa and Kyyrysdys.

National Sport

Hyonaland's national sport is Hoopball, a gave invented in Hyonaland that is similar to (American) Football and Rugby. In fact, it is pretty much reverse rugby since players can only run backwards (except on special occasions) and must drive down the field by throwing the ball forwards across a 80 meter field until either a runner does out of bounds, a touchdown is scored, or a turnover occurs. Turnovers occur when a runner is tackled, when a ball is thrown out of bounds by the offense, or when the defense either intercepts or recovers an incomplete pass / fumble in bounds. Players also kick balls through a hoop during field goals or extra points, which is significantly harder that kicking through an American football goalpost. I will make a factbook at some point about the rules of the sport. There are 32 Hoopball teams across Hyonaland, but it is not as popular as Käsmunä (American football) and as popular as handball.

National Dish

Hyonaland's national dish is called Taitapitsa and it is a sort of folded pizza, where instead of placing topping on top of dough, you bake them inside of a hollow dough that you fold over toppings. Then, you can put a variety of spices on top. It's basically if margarita pizza was stuffed with conventional pizza toppings.

National Musical Instrument

Hyonaland's national musical instrument is a five stringed cello. It's basically a cello but with an added F1 string because who's gonna stop me. I'm tired of writing this factbook. Goodnight.

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