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NS History Repository

This dispatch is a repository of useful resources on the history of NS gameplay and its various regions. This is a continuous work-in-progress and will be updated over time. If you find this dispatch helpful, feel free to give it an upvote.

If you wish to suggest any further NS history resources or would like to suggest corrections to this dispatch, please telegram Libertia-Columbia.


General Resources

The Compendium: The NationStates History Book
By Lavenza

NS History: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers
Forum thread, started by Goobergunchia

NS Gameplay History
By Ananke II

Death & Denial: NationStates In Its Twentieth Year
By Unibot III

The Reference Library
By All Wild Things
(Contains a section on NS history)

NS History Resources
By All Wild Things

Specific Gamewide Events

The Drewpocalypse: A Retrospective
By Reventus Koth

Link2004 NationStates Global Summit on Raiderplay and Defensive Operations
Compiled by Jakker


World Assembly Trends (October 2012 - January 2022)
By Refuge Isle


The Pacific (TP/NPO)

The Extended Guide, Part Two: The New Pacific Order
(contains a brief section on the history of NPO)

The Anatomy of the Coup: How Francos Spain Won
By Unibot III

NS Gameplay History
By Ananke II

History of The Pacific, written like an epic fantasy

The North Pacific (TNP)

LinkThe Laws of the North Pacific

Anatomy of the Coup II: Attack of the Puppets (The Invasion of The North Pacific)
by Unibot III

List of TNP Delegates
By Hulldom

NS Gameplay History
By Ananke II

Historically Significant Documents

The South Pacific (TSP)

LinkTSP Elections Archive

Laws of The South Pacific
by Coalition of the South Pacific

LinkList of delegates of the South Pacific

LinkList of prime ministers of the South Pacific

LinkOnline Rulings Consultation System

LinkList of Local Councillors

The East Pacific (TEP)

The Fedele Coup
By Nociav

Anatomy of the Coup III: TEP, the Early Days
By Unibot III

The West Pacific (TWP)

Index of the Delegates of The West Pacific

History of the Delegacy of The West Pacific
By All Good People


Lazarus (LAZ)

LinkLazarus Historical Records

LinkLazarus Legislative Library

LinkRecord of Delegates
Compiled by New Rogernomics

LinkRecord of Delegates by Era
Compiled by New Rogernomics

LinkList of Speakers of the Assembly
Compiled by Wang Yao

Osiris (OSI/OFO)

LinkOsiran Historical Library

LinkOsiran Body of Records
Compiled by Malphe II

Something Stirs: The History of Early Balder & Osiris
By Unibot III

LinkOsiris: Past and Future - Observations and Inferences on Regional Dynamics
By Todd McCloud

LinkBanjecting Biyah and Destroying Dali: The Story of Operation Phoenix
By Reventus Koth


Historical Delegates, Vice Delegates and Statsministers of Balder
by North East Somerset

Something Stirs: The History of Early Balder & Osiris
By Unibot III

The Rejected Realms (TRR)

LinkThe Library of Spurned Knowledge

LinkList of Governments of the Rejected Realms

LinkTRR Hall of Fame

LinkThe Hall of Delegates


All Warzones

A Warzone History, through Dispatches
Compiled by Domais


All Raiders

LinkRaiding Museum


The History of the DEN
By General knot

LinkThe Official DEN History Book
By Jakker

The Brotherhood of Blood (TBoB)

LinkKnown TBoB Conquests
By Avakael

History of the Brotherhood of Blood (along with FRA)
By Numero Capitan

The Black Hawks (TBH)

The History of The Black Hawks
By TBH Commander

The Brotherhood of Malice (BoM)

LinkThe Unofficial History of The Brotherhood of Malice
By Reventus Koth

Lone Wolves United (LWU)

A Brief Introduction to LWU
By Davelands
(contains some brief history of LWU)

LinkLWU History
By Anerastreia, reposted by Ever-Wandering Souls

Lone Wolves United's Year In Review of 2022
By DEER Publications

Historically Significant Documents


The Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA)

History of the Founderless Regions Alliance (along with TBoB)
By Numero Capitan

The League (TL/LDF)

Lawbook of the Republic
Compiled by Quebecshire

LinkThe League Legal Compendium

Prohibitions Issued by The League
Compiled by The League Council Archive

LinkThe League Wiki Page
(contains a History section)

Consular Library of Precedents, Opinions, Interpretations, and Et Cetera
Compiled by Quebecshire


A brief history of Concord
By Fort Concord

Commemorating the Battle of Concord
By St Laurent

The Order of the Grey Wardens (TGW)

LinkHall of Historical Wardens
Compiled by Nakari

LinkSignificant Operations Record (The Big Ops List)
Compiled by Grea Kriopia

LinkTreaties of TGW

Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO)

For information on the history of XKI in general, see the 10000 Islands section.

LinkEarly History of TITO
by Markanite

LinkHistory of Counter-Invasions in TITO (Draft)
By Grea Kriopia

Independent Militaries


Lily Hall of Fame
By Lily Publications Office

Other UCRs (Large)

The Communist Bloc (TCB)

TCB Law Archive
By Information of the Communist Bloc

List of Regional Leaders of The Communist Bloc
by Manndown

The Red Standard Archive
By Information of the Communist Bloc

Historical RMB Activity
By The Final Horseman

10000 Islands (XKI/TITO)

LinkHeadfirst Dive: XKI History
by Girlsandboys

LinkEarly History of TITO
by Markanite

LinkXKI Historical Archive Index
By Grea Kriopia

LinkXKI Historical Archive

LinkXKI Old Election Results

LinkHistoric Voter Turnout in the 10000 Islands
By Markanite

LinkHistory of Counter-Invasions in TITO (Draft)
By Grea Kriopia


History of Europe
By Imperium Anglorum

Welcome to Europe
By InfoEurope
(contains brief section on history of Europe)

The Leftist Assembly (TLA)

LinkA Comprehensive History of The Leftist Assembly
By Llorens

LinkHistory of The Leftist Assembly (TLA Wiki)

LinkTLA wiki article on Llorens

The Leftist Assembly History Project: Episode #1 - The Great Split
By Cedoria

The Leftist Assembly History Project: Episode #2 - The Rise and Fall of The Leftist Union
By Cedoria

The Leftist Assembly History Project: Episode #3 - The Final Horseman's Coup
By Cedoria

Historical RMB Activity
By The Final Horseman


Refugia Council Records
By Refuge Isle

Past Refugia Revised Statute Referendums
By Refuge Isle

Delegate Voting Records:

Other UCRs (Small to Medium)


History of Gay
By LGBT Equality


The Story of Christmas
By All Wild Things

North Korea (NK)

The abbreviated history of North Korea

Libertarian Socialist Confederation (LSC)

Guide to Elections in the LSC
By Free Twigland
(Contains sections on history of LSC)

Confederal Council - Activity Log
By Fachumonn

N-Day 7: LSC Recap
By Fachumonn

Federation of Anarchist Communes (FAC)

FAC Archive
By FAC Founder Account

The Social Liberal Union (SLU)

LinkLibrary of Parliament

LinkPreconstitutional Period

LinkSLU List of Historical Periods

LinkCoup of December 2020

Other UCRs (Historical)

Commonwealth of Regions

General History of the Commonwealth
By Klaus Devestatorie

Corrections to General History of the Commonwealth
By Kazaman
(Corrections to Dev's post, listed above)

More history to be added...