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Moghdom In Empire of Little Flowers(ELF)

Moghdom in ELF

Moghdom is the national religion of ELF. That doesn't mean there aren't other religions. Far from it. There are thousands. Moghdom is the one supported by the major powers. Many of the other religions are related to Moghdom. One example is The Rose. Said to be sent by Moghdom to test his favorite people's strength. 

Moghdom in ELF is epitomized in survival. ELF is the most dangerous place to live. This is in keeping with Moghdom's doctrine. This makes ELF the most armed and crime filled place anywhere. It also means people will do anything to ensure their survival. They will even pollute water, air or ground of enemies. Even if enemies live in same area. 

Anything goes as far as Moghdom cares and ELF takes it to an extreme found nowhere else in the universe.  The differences between the method of worship of Moghdom's followers is as extreme as the level of violence found in ELF. For some Moghdom is evident is every part of their lives from the time they wake through the time they sleep. For others he is but a nominal part of their lives spoken of or prayed to only in times of desperate need if at all. 

Moghdom's doctrines give the people of ELF a malignant twist to their lives. At the same time this cultural uniqueness helps make ELF a standard of NS economy and culture, if only through its absolute violence and malevolence.

The Empire of Little Flowers